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Today's Moment of Collector Zen

 The Castle's FN-built Israeli Mauser in 7.62 x 51.  With some of her fiddly-bits.

FN-built Israeli Mauser with bayonet.

The pic embiggens.

Here she is wearing her grenade launcher.  And here are close-ups of her breech markings, bayonet, and hefty grenade launcher.

The Israelis procured a lot of Mauser rifles during the post-war period prior to the formal establishment of the nation of Israel.  They got them from a lot of sources, from ex-Nazi German to Mexican weapons, as many nations were upgrading their arsenals to semi-autos.  The FN-built rifles were the first *legal* (post-Independence) buy of Mausers, and the last major buy of them.   When the Israelis adopted the FN-FAL as their standard service arm, they started converting their Mausers to 7.62 Nato to reduce the stress on the logisitics systems with regard to multiple calibers of rifle ammuntion.   This is one of those rifles - FN-built, with the IDF crest, and the 7.62 marking on breech and stock.  With a correct Israeli bayonet and grenade launcher.


Ooooooo...all dressed up with her pokey-slashey!
Like the spacer clip on the grenade launcher too! 
 And no comments yet on the fact that there is a cat hair for scale in.every.picture.  You just need really good eyes (and monitor) for the full-lengths.
I must say that I am a bit surprised SWWBO allows you to unsheath any bayonets. That's at least the second one this week.
Ooooh!  Isn't she a BAD girl.  Showing her parts like that!  But I note she's not a dirty girl.
 QM - so not going where your comment leads.
Yanno, I appreciate the cat hair standard for reference. I think I had written down the specs for cat hair,standard,1 ea. But it appears that I may have misplaced them.

As a public service, can you remind me.... what are the specs for the standard cat hair?
 Certainly, Jim.  Right here.
Thanks John, I will take a few days to study this.  By the way, may I assume no cats were hurt in the production of this blog?
After clicking on the "cat hair, standard" link, I laughed out loud.  Is it right to laugh at scientific resource materials?  I sure hope so. 
I've seen specs. for an RCH and a BCH but never before a cat hair.
Found the cat hair!

...Oh, and nice rifle, too. :)
 Mines a Brno with the crest partly removed and a star of david stamped on it.