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Today at the Castle...

 The Fort Moultrie (left) and Bennington (right) flags flutter from the trucks.

Moultrie and Bennington flags at Castle Argghhh!


So no comments about FbL's natal day yesterday?

Not that I'm counting or anything. I just observe them as they fly by.
 Fuzzy doesn't hang out here much anymore.  I left a message on her wall over on Facebook.  Apparently, that's what you do these days.
Out of curiousity, do you by any chance have a Green Mountain Boys flag in the collection?

(I ask because there seems to be some question as to whether a flag of the current Bennington flag design was actually present or not at the battle, but the GMB flag - still used by the VT NG - is known for sure to have been at the battle.)

Perhaps next rotation - or Aug 16, in commemoration of the 235th anniversary of the battle - fly both if you have them.
 I do not have one.  I have found a source...

So, we'll add it to the flag locker - currently 23 and counting.

I remember seeing it outside a tent when the VT NG brigade arrived in Af-stan and wondering what it was.  Luckily, on night shift on has plenty of time to google...

I wonder, if you consider the VT NG to be a 'unit,' if that might not be the oldest set of unit colors in the U.S. Army.
 FbL has a guy that is soaking up much of her attention these days. I met him at Shakespeare's last July. Nice guy for a former Marine. FbL's a nice girl too. He's got a prize.

She's also going to marry him on August 26th.
 Yes, Armando.  We've been invited, but I have a conflict I'm desperately trying to deal with.