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Thoughts on... thoughts.

 'Ware the Thought Police!

Trolls are thought police.  And so are people who, while otherwise polite folk, forget to be civil in discourse and start getting into the "Don't you type at *me* that way you bloviating idiot!" commenting mode.  

Not posting this because of any recent issues.  Heh. Traffic is slowly dwindling because I don't allow that sort of buffoonery (which reduces the 'fatality wreck' voyeurism that drives much of the political sites traffic).  

It also shows how important Bill is to this place, all the more noticeable since he's effectively incommunicado in Afstan.  I miss Bill.  

Dusty, too, with his weak excuses about work.  

Even Boq, who doesn't have weak excuses about work is being a sluggard these days.


Just a thought, what's the difference between a "thought crime" and a "hate crime" or, at least, "hate speech."  
 A conservative or liberal perspective....
Would it help if I wrote more silly stuff here?
P.s. No, really, that is a right scary image. I am beminded of the Kempei-Tai, in Japan, who actually arrogated to themselves the right to know what all of their fellow Nips were thinking.  They really would run you in if they thought you were thinking bad, un-Nipponese thoughts.
You're OK JTG. We know you think thoughts that are best unthought which many people wish you wouln't think so much about. If we had a KGB (and that prolly isn't far off) then you'd prolly be in much trouble.

I miss Bill too. I haven't heard anything from him in nearly 2 months and that's just a bit too long. Worries me a little. With Lex gone he's more important than ever.
Oh, yeah, Our Bill!  You guys know how he is; always running to the sound of the guns, and all. I do now solicit prayers for Bill, that he not do anything crazy, and that he die in his own bed of old age, nagged by the Luddite Wife. 

I fear our prayers might be answered in the negative, however, as Our Bill might be one of those people whose natural way off of the planet is a violent one.  I hope that is not so, and that he dies in bed, at home, surrounded by friends and family, but he might not like that so much.  An awful lot of "natural" deaths are at least as icky as getting killed in action, and take longer, and hurt more. E.g., bone cancer.
I like to think my thoughts are thoughtful, I have always thought they were anyway.

On the bright side of things, and thinking happy thoughts, we have now moved out of the Sunday school room we had been living in since early April and now have a rented room.  Full use of kitchen. The guy is about my age, retired SSgt, Gulf I vet.  Tired of renting to college students, happy to have someone his own age. 
Yay on housing, Joe. 
I'm one of, if not *the* one the post is aimed at :)

My perspective it a bit different.

There's a reason that the rabid left has been able to gain, constantly and consistantly, in cultural destructionism, socialist drift, Constitutional destructionism, etc and so on.

This is because the left managed to convince the old school non left, at the institutional level, that this was all just a difference of opinion and contest of ideas. Nothing more. Our national sovereignty, complete way of life, ability to provide for ourselves and our family, our right to express our religious beliefs, etc and so on were not and are not at stake. It's just academic type theory discussions as applicable to the protected realms of the ivory tower.


This is, and always has been a bare knuckle blood brawl. Everything  of value is in the kitty and it's winner take all. The left knows this and operates accordingly. The *right* pretends its not true as it adopted the Cult of Cowardice as its operational construct the day the msm started spinning the attempts to root out commiescum as a "witch hunt" and the threat of commiescumism as nothing more than made up fantasy.

 Grimmy, it is very clear that you have waaaaaaaaay to much to think. Report to the re-ed camp. It's easy to find. Just go to Joe's place in Northern Kalifornia and turn left. You can't miss it.
 Armorer, for some people, this sounds something like a Court of Law. You can just hear the shyster lawyer as he stands up and say, "I object, the assumption of things not in evidence." There is no brain, no thought and no worrry about this issue for many people.
The Thought Police are only here to take care of what the monolithic secondary and higher education system and Hollywood didn't get to. 

Left is right.  Right is wrong.  Better to be gay than straight, black than white, female than male, anything except American. 

Everybody got that?  Good.
First, it's best to understand the leftardic OOB.

The ruling clique, the C4.
C4: Congential, **nts, cowards, ****suckers and commiescum. No salvaging such.

Then there's the T3.
T3: Temporary, Twits, **ats, 'Tards.

In "debating" leftards, it works like this:

C4 will have a person down, beating him to death in the public square while his wife is being gang raped. While doing so, they'll accuse their targets of being public disruptors for disturbing the peace by yelling for help.

The T3 will stand around saying "yep, you're just like them now. You've sank to their level."

The "polite discourse types, like whatshisname? Brooks? Thinks it can all be solved if everyone just went back to wearing slacks with creases instead of jeans.

Much like that Wilford C. Milquetoast who stands in his own living room, peeking out the window from behind the blinds while watching is neigbors being dragged out of their houses and murdered in the street. Turns to look at his wife, sitting on the couch in fear and says "it's ok Mildred, they're not in our yard, yet."
Dang, Grimmy!  Actually, I concur, but am amazed that The Armorer let this comment appear.  I mind a conversation I had after church  the other day.  I pointed out that this has happened before (collapse of the Roman Empire) and that the Church survived, but for individuals, survival might be problematic. 
 Heh.  Everybody read what they wanted to read.  Not so much what I said, methinks.

You think too highly of yourself in this regard, Grimmy.

All y'all want to have spittle-flecked shouting matches can do so anyplace but here.

Which is *not* the same thing as being David Brooks or Master Milquetoast.

But then I *am* a well-known squish.
I've found people police their thoughts far more than their words.  To think they are wrong inadmissable.  To think beyond themselves and into the realm of others, a waste of time.

Most like to parrot so to build an image they want to believe in.  So then the right winger makes their world to support the right winger and the leftie their world to support the left and on and on so that each person makes their world view supportive of .. themselves.  Pretending it's not about themselves at all.

But Truth is more than this pettiness, to see through painful and clear, bright and wonderful.  I aspire to this on the few cases I can glimpse it.  Not the name calling, the swearing, the foolish attacks.  Plenty on the right and left are just as vile as their accusers say yet too plenty are wonderful decent people worthy of admiration.  And so here I am, perhaps to learn from those who might be admired.

Otherwise I could turn tail and hide in my den of comforting groupthink like so many others have done.

Actually, JtA:

I don't think of you as a squish or a C4 or T3 even.

You've made it clear which side of the line you're on. None of my spewage was aimed at anyone here. Well, mostly no one here, there are the usual leftists that drop by from time to time. Has to be. Stats demand it be so.

I was simply trying to lay out the other side of the "play nice" coin that's constantly shoved down non leftardic throats, most often by the leftards themselves, and point out that evil *has* triumphed, because good men, for the most part, have been reasonable and done exactly squat to confront it.

This is your house. I know that. I'm not gonna carry this noise to any other part of it, and I'm stopping here, here.
Be careful about wishin' to hear from Mr. Bill. The Castle may get buried under a series of TINS stories about camels and whirly birds, dust storms of epic proportions, translators who don't quite get idioms correct, and how a Chinook brought down the roof of the mess tent when a load of frozen turkeys shifted in the sling.
LittleRed1, I like Bill's stories. Wish he would jot 'em down, organize them a tad, and publish a book. I'd sure as heck buy a copy!

As for bare-knuckled fighting; there's a time for a sledgehammer and a time for a rapier, if not a strategically-raised eyebrow. It depends on strategy, unless one's strategy is sliming the other side while feeding red meat to the true believers on yours. I don't suppose it occured to some of the folks here that see the situation in exactly the same way, but reversed.

Just remember, even Hitler thought he was the good guy.

Well, if one was a Nazi, good guys were identically equal to Germans, and bad guys were everybody else. As a German said in "Cryptonomicon", this just shows the wisdom of the Fuehrer's plan to find everybody on the planet who's not German, and kill them.

This is why Sergeant York got so crossways with Colonel Lindbergh.  Lindbergh only met Germans when they were being nice; York met them when they were being non-nice. Also Lindbergh was a suspected Aspie, unaware of how he was being played by the Nazis.
P.s. Sergeant York's wartime diary is available on the 'net. I think I even have a copy of it somewhere on my hard drive.