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The Whatziss, Day 2

 Here ya go.


I'm very hard pressed to believe this is a gun.  Perhaps it is instead part of a much bigger gun.
Looks like an early gas system, note the tool marks on the right.
I see what appears to be a nipple for a percussion cap with the rod being the striker.  If so, it is a rather large barrel so I'm going with a small black powder cannon, possibly naval.  And yes, I have been watching the olympics hence the reference to nipples and navels.
If it's a cannon, somebody broke it and superglued it back together before the Captain found out.

Two similar pieces of metal with different wear characteristics, jammed tightly with a wickle thingy holding them together for God only know what reason. But there has to be a reason.
Sorry, out of the country and the communication lines are thin.

Looks like a parlor gun, percussion cap fired, possibly Flobert or Zimmerstutzen- but since I know you do military and not frou-frou gentleman's stuff it has to be something lethal and nasty. Subcaliber training device for the Guns of Navarrone?
 I figgered you were distracted somewhere.  Hence why I sent the registered letter to your last known address...
I think Og is on the right track here.  Some sort of parlor gun. 

The French seem to have been the biggest proponents of these things.  They looked more or less like a regular rifle, but the actul barrel was a relatively short portion (of what at first glance looks like a regular full length barrel) and had a nipple for a percussion cap at the rear of the actual barrel.  A long linkage transferred the energy from the falling hammer at the usual location up to strike the percussion cap to propel the bullet a short distance to an indoor target. 

I dont know the name for these, but the Floberts were basically .22 BB caps with primer only and no powder, so the breech mechanism is usually more like a flimsy rolling block than the contraption shown here.

But, it may be something entirely different...
 Where's Pogue? I bet he already knows and is just holding out on us because he's afraid the Armorer will say bad things about him again.