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Seavey swings a Cluebat at the Supreme Court over Stolen Valor

[EDITORS NOTE: This is the longest blog posting in history, so you might want to print it out and read it when you have the time. I apologize for the length, but I think it is necessary to make the point I wanted to make; to wit, that the Supreme Court’s answer to the Stolen Valor Problem is not only unworkable, but unnecessarily puts folks in jeopardy of legal or physical disputes. Also, thanks to Ranger Up for the appropriate graphic.]

As you know, I disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Alvarez in many aspects. Fair enough, I disagree with a lot of legal decisions. Most folks seem pleased with the decision, thinking that the Stolen Valor Law somehow chilled free speech. That was something even the defense in the case didn’t argue, but whatever.

Nonetheless, despite the ruling, I wanted to focus on what their answer was to stolen valor phonies, and how the “free market of ideas” could be used to counter them. Specifically, the plurality decision’s author Justice Kennedy stated that: 

Ya wanna read the rest?  Then click here and go read it at the American Legion blog, The Burn Pit.


 Both the Obamacare and Alvarez decisions put the SCOTUS imprimatur on deception. Frankly, it's no wonder the country has been sinking so fast. All our major Gov institutions have been corrupted and no society can survive that kind of corruption.
"All our major Gov institutions have been corrupted and no society can survive that kind of corruption."

Gramsci.  There you go, John.  LOL
To quote that guy in the Shakespeare play, "I myself am but indifferent honest."  Those guys make me seem like George Washington with hatchet in hand explaining dead cherry tree, or Saint Francis, or somebody, in comparison.

That woman on Death Row in Texas who decided to take her medicine, and told her attorneys to cease all appeals, was more honorable than those guys.