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Okay, let's go shopping for guns and ammo...

I don't know the source of this graphic, but I suspect it's from someone trying to prove that there was a "gunman on the grassy knoll" in Aurora. 

Where does this silly shite come from?

So, let's go shopping, shall we?  And let's Shop Stupid©, and pay full asking retail, too!

Lessee: we want a moderately tricked out AR15, and lets get it at Cabelas.  We're an ignorant but  book-smart wannabe with no experience so we'll really overpay for accuracy we're never going to use anyway... toss in the tax, $2,000

Two .40S&W Glocks.  Again, let's buy at the high end, this time from Glock, and we're at, oh, call it $1,100 with tax.

And a Remington 870.  What the heck, lets buy premium from Bass Pro Shops, where our budding young movie terrorist shopped. $700.  (Mind you, we could have gotten just as much gun for our purposes for about $400).

And, off to the interwebz for ammo!  We need 6k, of mixed calibers - but I'm betting our wannabe bought mostly .223.  You've got lots of choices, and I'm betting that when Holmes saw these pages, he went for bulk pricing, and wasn't buying high-end hunting ammo in 20 round boxes, rather, he bought in bulk.  Toss in shipping... and make it $3,100.

...and, I've spent $6,900.   Mind you, I had to pretty much Shop Stupid© to do that.   I could have brought this in, without breaking a sweat, for about $3,500, *max*.

Assume an unloaded credit card and this just isn't hard.

I.e., quit striving so hard to find a "false flag" angle on things. Sometimes a twisted soul is just a twisted soul.

Clearly, in order to prevent crimes like this... we need to ban credit cards.  


You can shave a couple hundred off your top end cost - his AR was a S&W M&P15.  The top end model of which goes for $1499 at Cabelas.

And if he was buying ammo online, we know he had a credit card.  Maxing out your credit card is easy if you don't plan on paying it back.
Oh yea ... and then there is that full body armor thingie.
The graphic says 20K for weapons.  I don't think adding in the body armor pushes you to $20K either.  I've not been able to find out where that cost number came from... but I admit I haven't looked that hard, either.

I learned my reporting the MSM way.

I would offer the student loan option.  I went back to college from '93-'95 and ran into students who would take out student loans, sometimes with out their parents knowledge, and buy themselves all kind of toys and entertainment devices.

Ah, here we go.  An inventory of sorts.

They'd have been very nervous about my ammo-buying habits prior to the 4th of July.

Has anyone considered the flip side to this?

Just how much ammo can a guy carry?

I understand an LEO concern about someone bunkering up and having that kind of stash.  Of course, for all that ammo we have, I don't have the concomitant stash of magazines to load it into, a perspective no one seems to think about.  Nor do I feel any need to have a boatload of magazines.

For all the talk about zombies, I'm really not all that prepared to go to war.
He did not build that arsenal all by himself.  He had help,  a teacher in his past or a community organizer, the internet that Al Gore invented, the roads that he drove to the theater on.  Lets not forget educational grants and student loans. 
Actually, I think teachers doing their best to turn entire generations of kids into malignant narcissists with all the constant emo...erm... I mean ego stroking touchy feely "self esteem" crap they're constantly pushing has more to do with this sort of event than anything else.

I'm guessing dude finally figured out that he'd been lied to his entire life and no, he can't be POTUS just because he wants to.
Gary, you are EEEEE-vvviiilllllll......

gotta clean my monitor and keyboard now.
Gary for the win!
 Gary by 10 klicks!

Cheaper Than Dirt is my ammo gettin' place too.

I understand body armor is pricey, but I dount it would take another $4K to put it all together. And 6K rounds is a good amount for a rifle company, but no one man is going to hump a ruck with that kind of load, no matter the caliber. I'd expect anyone that tried to be whiniung pretty loud about it, and it would righteous whining at that.
Gary wins!

6,000 rounds of .22 is about six weeks of steady practice for rapid fire.
 I'm going to use my real name, so I hope the "gubmint" is not reading this. (Yeh, right!) I have the "body armor", I have a protective mask, (with the evil "Blast shield",) in case of nuclear explosion, a minimum of "5 assault rifles," 40 to 45 high capacity magazines, and I stopped inventoring the amount of my .223, .308 (or 7.62 X 51mm ), 12 ga., .40, .45 ACP, .38 S&W, .357 Mag, .380 ACP, .32 ACP, and 10 mm ammo sometime in the late 1990's. I have well over 10,000 rounds of .22 calibre in various types, (yes, I shoot .22 calibre short, long, and long rifle - even the evil .22 MAG!). I don't have to spend a penny for the next five years, and I would still be classified as having an "armory" according to all my liberal friends. Fortunatly, I have fewer liberal friends, because all of them that go shooting with me, "become either CONSERVATIVE OR LIBERTARIAN! (Thank you G_d, for thinking individuals.) So, I find it easy to believe that yes, you can get that amount of hardware for less than $20,000, and no, it is not a bad thing. PUNISH THE EVIL DOERS FOR THEIR EVIL DEEDS, don't outlaw the tools they use.
On the subject of how much ammo is "alarming." My daughter shoots clays competively and I'm not rich so I reload... a lot.  Therefore, I always have around 1,000 rounds of 20 ga, 7.5 shot on hand. Now you all know that I wouldn't plan to go to war with 7.5 shot, but as has been already discussed, the ignorance of the masses and the 4th estate would preculude them understanding shot sizes, especially the part where the bigger number is the smaller little "BB".

On the subject of how much ammo one guy can carry: I know a crate of 5.56mm containing 1,680 rounds is around 65 pounds.  if you do away with the packing, you're down to about 63 pounds.  That's the thing to ponder: these evil nut-cases always have more ammo than they can possibly carry, much less actually use...
I heard the body armour was a Blackhawk 'assault vest" not armour at all. Explosive material, likley $2,000 to cover all the bits and pieces.
Lt. Briley, you echo St. John Chrysostom, who wrote: "A man of understanding does not blame the sword for murder, nor wine for drunkenness, or courage for foolhardiness nor strenght for outrage, but places the blame on the man who makes an improper use of the gifts God has bestowed on him and punishes him accordingly."   St. John may have been influenced by the work of Cicero somewhat earlier, who wrote "A sword does not commit murder, it is only the tool in the hand of the murderer."
Oh, well, he paid for the 2day express shipping.  There you go, that's where the inflation comes from.  Duh.