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Madam Flora And Her Packed Residence

Massa John is right in bleating about my paltry postings.  Every time I try and gather strength for a post, Deh Funneh is just not *there*, as of late.

In the mean time, I have been focusing on a volunteer project, in which you could help and clean-up the voter rolls in your county.  Through the DataBase tools that True The Vote has to offer,  I have discovered some knee-slapping examples of voter registration fraud in my humble county of Prince George's Maryland.  One of them can be found around Madam Flora's Crystal Ball.

You see, Madam Flora has 12 registered voters "residing" within her Psychic Parlour. Whether they are living or recently departed, I don't know, but one thing is certain, neither she nor her crystal ball, did foresee me finding her dirty little secret.



Well, living in Maryland should be rich fodder for teh funneh... but you have to break through the dis-spiriting realization that you... live in the People's Collective of Maryland.
There's one slight speckle of light that just broke through in this Socialized State of ours.  A Federal Judge just struck-down the Conceal Carry Provision in our State GunControl Law.  And has now mandated that County Sherrifs "must issue" instead of "may issue" CCP's, all throughout the ex-Free State of Maryland.

Oooo - That alone is blogpost-worthy.
Whatever goads your Muse, Boq...
 So, Boq, you  now your duty, and you have material. The Boss has given you your marching orders, you know the objective.
The "Dead People Vote"....HUGE for the Communist...errr...Socialist....err...Dems
That and when every registered voter in the district votes for thunder thighs...err...Hillary
John, now that you have one slacker moving again, I guess you're gonna havta send someone over to teh rock pile and make Bill sit down and make a post. I'm sure that he's come across something in the last two months to talk about.
I find it hard to believe that Bill's employer has not restored Internet access after the antenna got blown up/run over/ whatever. Mayhap Bill is sulking in his tent, like Achilles? Or was that Hector?
I would not be surprised if all of Madam Flora's housemates voted Republican up until the time of their deaths.  But I bet every one of them is a 100% Democrat voter since they died.

But, she already knows that.

I get mad enough about allowing the stupid alive people to vote, but scams that get dead people, people's pets, illegals, and infants to vote have me thinking serious ly that we are dealing with real "enemies foreign and domestic" who must be stopped.

Bless you for your good work.  Now, how do you get these ghastly apparitions purged from the voter rolls, and monitor their showing up for elections?
John NTA,

With access to True The Vote Database tools (you have to first get accredited as a volunteer in their Research Team), you can sniff-out all sorts of miscreants in your county.  You as a volunteer, annotate and document their misdeeds.  The County Leader then collates and submits a challenge to the County and State Elections Boards, making them aware of these irregularities.  It is then up to the Boards of Election to purge them from the voter rolls.

Here in Maryland we are getting a lot of resistance from our Board of Elections to correct their voter rolls.  It seems that they are there to protect the constitutional right to vote for all registered dead people.   But in other states like Texas or Florida, a lot of good work is happening.
I have no problem with a restricted franchise. Hell, in a properly conducted republic, _I_ would not be allowed to vote. Neither would my landlord, as it seems he owns no real estate free and clear.   As things are, I justify voting by saying I am so poor that I really have no interests and am therefore free to vote my conscience.  Unfortunately, entirely too many people in my situation vote for politicians who will give them goodies.

I recall reading recently that 200,000 or so small businesses have failed during, and because of, the Obamination. Those businesses were run by the kind of voters the Founders envisioned, not somebody else's employees. I think that is one of the reasons I can't get a job.