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Let us have a Whatziss!

Old school, for Og.   You may commence.



Guns have two enemies, rust and politicians.

We won a temproary victory against the politicians in the UN, but looks like we are losing to rust on this one.

WD-40 is your ally!
Oh, this one has more issues than that.
 Muzzle loading boomstick of some sort...and that expends any useful input from the Navy today.
Looks like it wants to be a bayonet stud when it grows up. Can't remember where I've seen this before, unfortuately.
It's a hot tub cover with some corroded bit in front of it. I suspect it's something to do with the rifle behind the FN-49 on the left.
Colin - you're damn good on your hot tub covers!
 Snider breech?
Either Nancy Pelosi's botox injector (from her much younger days) or Joy Behar's favorite "toy".  LOL
Metal on right looks different (newer?).  This is evidence of entropy winning.  Therefore it must be an idea dispenser for the government.