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Get Some!

Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store.

'Nuff said.


 Actually, not 'nuff said, as I suspect this won't make the national news... except perhaps on Fox.
There's also a test here... because the point is really too subtle.
John, that comment has an edge to it.
Cutting humor...
 You guys are teh punny.
I gotta chime in here. You did notice that this episode took place back in April, right? I know it's on the front page @ Drudge Report today but the action happened months ago. I'm pretty certain it reached outside our local media when it occurred so I'm surprised that it is being recycled.

That said, it was good news that an armed citizen with assistance from others brought this (could'a been) tragedy into quick resolution.
Great story, even though somehow it got picked up again now.  It actually happened back in April.
The knife guy turned out to be a miulti-offense nut case.  Guess theydon't have background checks or waiting periods for knives.

Still, it is a good idea to get a permit, and carry.  Not to protect other folks, but to protect yourself and your family. 

Permits are easy to get, even if your state does not offer them.  In fact, Utah has issued 201,000 "non-resident" concealed weapons permits, compared to 147,000 to actual Utah residents.  Even as a "non-resident" you can carry on a Utah permit in most (but not all) of the 34 states which recognize the Utah permit.   Classes for the Utah permit are offered in many states, not just in Utah.  Or, visit Utah and enjoy great parks in summer or winter.  Make sure you stop in Ogden to visit the John M. Browning FIrearms museum which houses the hand made prototypes of many of his immortal inventions.
 ...Nate mostly got to my point.  It's news to us because... someone finally made it news to us on a national level (meaning Drudge).

I'm number 200,999 Utah non-resident permit carrier, J(NTA).  At least that's my story.
Got my Utah permit fairly easy here in Kalifornia along with a Arizona permit [to carry in Nevada].
I'm good in 37 states.
John, was the point thing a pun, or were you really looking to test us?  If so, I'll note (not an original thought, but one I read) that the armed citizen did not shoot the perp.  So this case won't even go in stats of "citizen with a gun shoots someone to stop a crime" cause he just pointed it.  Thus keeping alive the crap of "you're more likely to shoot a family member than a bad guy."  Bad guy in this case didn't take a bullet.
 Actually, Mike - you make a point I overlooked.
One line in the story pi$$ed me off!  My beef is with the bolded part below.

"So far, police have not released the names of the suspect, the victims or the man who pulled the gun.

Yes, he is a sheepdog and I extend thanks to him for what he did.  No, he doesn't need to be identified to / by the media, they will just distort what happened and make life difficult for a hero.

I assume this is the incident Larry Correia referred to here as "Couple of weeks ago, dude bought a butcher knife at a grocery store and started slashing the hell out of a bunch of people, until he got proned out by a permit holder coming in from the parking lot."

Utah non-resident CCWs are shockingly easy to get- I had one years ago before Colorado finally became a 'shall-issue' state...
Less than four hours in a class (including doing the paperwork), not even a  shooting qual.
THAT woulda made a story for the MSM!

Florida is another good non-resident state. They are recognized in all but two states if I recall. Illinois because they don't issue and Vermont because they don't require. The fee is $200, a bit steep.