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First they came for the magazines... they're after what goes in them.

Predictably.    And it's silly.  But we do have to preserve our Brady Campaign ratings, no?

New Jersey Democrat Senator Lautenberg, and New York Democrat Representative McCarthy introduced a bill called the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act.

The bill would require buyers who are not dealers to present a photo ID at the time of purchase, with the intent of making it impossible for regular citizens to purchase ammunition online.  Only the blessed and annointed-of-the-state would be allowed to buy in bulk.  The other provisions are that only licensed dealers can sell ammunition, the licensed dealers must keep records of ammunition sales and they must report the sales of more than 1,000 rounds to an unlicensed buyer within five business days.

While this is all posturing by the legislators in question to keep their base happy and their anti-gun cred current, it wouldn't accomplish what they assert it would.

The Aurora whackjob didn't touch most of his ammo.  He did most of his damage with less than two hundred rounds, which would fly under the radar of this bill.  I'd just buy 900 rounds at a time at Cabela's, and in seven days... have over 6000 rounds, and the government would be none the wiser.

Most of the bulk mail order purchasers are gun clubs, ranges, dealers, preppers and folks like SWWBO and I.  

This won't address the problem.  It will imposes costs throughout the system (which Lautenberg and McCarthy are desirous of) add to the reach of government (which those two are realio-trulio desirous of) and aside from that... MAKE.NO.DIFFERENCE.AT.ALL.TO.PEOPLE.LIKE.THE.VA TECH.AND.AURORA.SHOOTERS.

This is an example of emotion breaking out into execrable law and worse governance.

More details can be had here.


Actually, you could still purchase online, too.

Just send them a scan of your ID.  At least one place I buy from semi-regularly (AIM Surplus, possibly) already requires this for ammo purchases, to establish that you're 18 y/o.

A crate of 7.62x54R, or  two spam cans of 7.62x39, or a couple of cans of 5.56 are all I usually buy at once anyway, and any of those fit under the 1,000 round threshold.

And I can see various retailers offering packages of 999 rounds just because.

Oh, and I'm willing to bet one of the reasons so many people were hit it Aurora was that the shooter was using birdshot.  I've seen some pics posted by one of the victims, and if those holes had been made by 00 buck, she'd likely be dead.
 I think the intent, Dave, is that the photo ID must be shown *in person*.
This bill should be opposed.  It does nothing to encourage Americans to be gun-responsible, distorts the ammo market and invites corruption and unhelpful government control.

Can't see more detail at the link it's very basic info atm.  My guess is the senators are making a song and dance with a doa bill so they can be seen to be "doing" something. 

Never understimate the ability of Hairy Reid and his crooked cronies to slip in an amendment to some other bill at the last minute.  Or to the Narcissist in Chief to simply issue an executive order or have his thug minions in the "Department of Justice" impose restrictions by stroke of a pen, even though nowhere authorized by the Constitution or law.  (E.g.- multiple long gun sale reporting requirement imposed on border states, contrary to law and being litigated in court now.)

Although it is likely that this ammo bill will not get much traction, another Aurora type incident could tip over enough squishes that it would fly through Congress.

Recall that there was little demand for gun control in 1964 when JFK was murdered, but the 1968 murders of ML King and RF Kennedy made the "need to be seen doing something" politicians eager to pass crap that the predecessors of Lautenberg and McCarthy had been pushing without much luck.

Don't waste time fighting this bill.  Instead work your butt off to defeat the idiot politicians who do (or might) support stuff like this.
 Just off hand I can see a way around this and be legal.  Video chat would work just fine for verifing ones id and the 'owner' of the id as well as provide verbal affermation that the ammo is for the person purchashing it.  Not that I think any of the crap is at all needed in any way shape of form.  Especially given that, using the CDC own data, the number of gun related deaths not related to Suicide, Homocide(crime) is under 1500/year.  Perhaps liberals should attend to the crappy sidewalks that they've built.