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'Bout that ebbil AR15 and how a the AWB woulda saved us from this fresh hell...

 Simply.Not.True.  From a Yahoo article on Lone Gunmen:

"In 1994, Congress approved a 10-year ban on 19 types of military-style assault weapons. This ban would have prevented Holmes from purchasing one of the four firearms police found on him and in his car — the assault rifle. The ban also would have prevented Holmes from buying new high capacity ammunition magazines so that he could fire off more shots before without having to reload.

But that law expired in 2004, and it's been more than a decade since gun control advocates had a realistic hope of getting the type of legislation they seek, despite predictions that each shocking outburst of violence would lead to action."


Pre-ban weapons were legal, and available for sale - they commanded a premium, to be sure, but they were available and not scarce by any stretch of the imagination. As were pre-ban high-cap magazines. And there were plenty of during-the-ban weapons that would have allowed Holmes to be a dick.

I.hate.this.kind.of.reporting. Ignorance abounds.


John, Are you sure it's ignoarance on the part of the reporter, or calculated mis-information for the consumption of the ignorant (voting) masses? I bring this up because I saw Cokie Roberts on a talking head show yesterday pontificating about there is no anti-gun answer to the NRA; as if she (known liberal) has never heard of the Brady Campaign...  right... If you are right and Cokie has really never heard of the Brady bunch then our 4th estate is more to be pittied than laughed at.  Or, as a preacher I once heard say, "That's enough ignorance to ignorant up the whole county."
Agree with previous commentor.

Hey, I got an idea. Let's ban motor vehicles cause they kill more people than guns.
And, ban carrots.  I am positive that this depraved scumbag and "alleged" mass murderer ate carrots.

Some people are just plain evil and deserve to die.  But, today I heard the DA say it would take a few weeks to decide if they were going to seek the death penalty.  Duh?  They should have decided that about the time they had a body count greater than 3.    And, in this case, I would have no problems if the cops had detected some aggressive moves on the perps part and successfully defended themselves.
I was totally amazed to read in one news thing that the AR 15ish thingie would hold magazines of upwards of 100 rounds.

I owe my firearms education to the major media.
Oh, those are available, Jim.  They aren't smart from a tactical perspective.  They're essentially a range toy, or something a wannabe like Holmes would think is a good idea.  

That's a lot of ammo to have locked up if you have a jam in the can.
Gotcha .... but I interpreted the line "would hold magazines of upwards of 100 rounds" to imply they would also hold 300 or 500 round magazines.

I gotta stop thinking.
We should ban doctors next since they kill more people than guns or cars.
Unbeknownst to the news media, the news media is being recognized by more and more citizens and nothing more than consistantly incompetent. The end result of this unbeknownstness of the news media is that the concept of freedom of the press is becoming ever more eroded by the grotesque incompetence of that same press.

The stunning inability of the news media to beknownst the hammer hanging over its head and start policing itself is pointing heavily toward the idea that the news media actually wants to be policed by others.
By John of Argghhh
That's a lot of ammo to have locked up if you have a jam in the can.

I heard this is exactly what happened.  Most of the deaths were from the shotgun and 40 cals., as the .223 jammed and he didn't know how to clear it.