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A moment of Gun Collector Zen...

The Castle's MAS49/56.  I was going to do a write-up, but... it wouldn't be as good as Joe's at The Truth About Guns.


Nice, always wanted to try one, recently got to shoot the FN 49 and loved it, another gun for the want list...
The FN 49 is a dream rifle handles well unloads those 06 rounds quite nicely and recoil is mininal with teh famous FN recoil system.  Somne can still be found converted to 308, but frankly the 30-06 got em beat. A good gunsmith can make then 100 percent reliable for little money.  But they are sweet.  For interest in long term reliability I would go to a M1 Garanad lots of parts when teh chips are down.
Nice piece. Looks like it's... compensating for something, tho... 8-)
I thought about one once, but the ammo costs and availability put me off. I didn't care for that short length of pull either. Still nice.