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A little bit of cautionary history...

 ...from 89 years ago.

Sit, Mr. Bernanke! Stay!


How about replacing Tim TurboTax Geithner with one each Che Guravea Natl Bank Prez:
So how much for a Bratwurst mit Frites?  Went for about 2.50 DM pre Euro at your nearby Schnell Imbiss as I recall.

Bratwurst mit brotchen und senf bitte.  Zwei Mark Funf!

Yep, remember those well.

And the gluwine stands right next to them.

 When we were living in Germany in '66, we were playing in front of the house at Dansenberg and I kicked some dirt when we were kicking a soccer ball around with some of the other kids in the hood (living on the "economy," as we called). When I looked down I saw a piece of folded paper and picked it it up. It was a 100 Reachmark note from about 1940 (can't remember the exact date, just that it was Nazi era). I showed it to the German boys and they hooted and jeered saying it was worthless.

I sold it to a guy for $50 later. I wish now I'd kept it, but you don't think of these things much when you're 12 or even 15.
Confederate money has been way up past face value for years and years, now.
See when they took the ugly man's picture off the notes were suddenly worth 200 times as much.

Well it sounds good but was probably actually worth-less.
I for one am looking forward to having my nickles with $500 Denominations.  That shall bring me fond memories when I would buy my morning coffees with 500-Lira Plugs.