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The Hall Monitors may have raided the classroom on a noise complaint - so I may have had to turn off the soundtrack - but that doesn't mean we can't still watch the dirty movie...

That's a sexy wench, right there, with her narrow waist accentuating her belt...  she was conceived in Russia, born in Poland, and emigrated to the US, and found her way to the Castle, as so many strays do...  Because we're that kinda people.  Even if they come from broken homes and were themselves instruments of terror, we give them another chance here at Castle Argghhh!, the county's defacto Large Avian Rescue and Homeless Firearm Shelter!


Love the scroll-over text -- and glad to see the picture back up.

Can't imagine the Chicago city boy I work for having any appreciation of a fine Pole like that, heck I got hassled for having a 12GA hull sitting at my desk with some collected sabots...
Guys, the Armorer is not kidding about taking in strays. Hell, he puts up with me!
You're so soft hearted John.
Oh hell, a spammer has shown up. Send him a bill, John. (If you know his actual physical location, and could easily get there, I recommend taking some bolt-cutters with you, for his typing fingers. Ply them slowly.)