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WTF, over?

Finally, just what are the bubbas at Homeland Defense up to these days?  Well, they bought a boatload of ammunition (driving up prices for all of us, dangit.  It's hard to compete with the government when they can just print the money they need).  Well, it turns out once you buy all that ammo, you need something to shoot it out of.  7000 somethings.  So, they've asked vendors to submit bids for "Personal Defense Weapons," PDW for short.  PDWs are simply the latest way of saying "carbine" but the marketers liked it because it sounds so modern, whereas, well, Custer's troops had carbines.  Eurocops have had these for some time, as they were developed for that purpose.  

Here at the Castle, we have demo'd a PDW, the FN PS90, in it's legal-for-civilians form with 16" barrel.  

Go here to read the solicitation for yourself.  Section C contains the weapons spec - No longer than 20 inches, stock folded, no longer than 30 inches, stock extended, easily concealable, and that the flash hider/muzzle break must act to reduce muzzle signature.  That's a description of a close-combat weapon.  One intended for fights that last some significant amount of time.  One wonders who the threat is that we need to be sneaking up on, we expect a prolonged fight, so we want to make sure we don't give our position away?  There's nothing in there about who is going to be issued these weapons - whether they are replacing items in inventory, or going to equip special units.  But there are better than two full brigade's worth of weapons on that list.  Just how many frickin' trigger pullers does HLD have?  It certainly doesn't appear these weapons are for the Coast Guard, since they're being tested and evaluated by the Law Enforcement side of things.

It's tangent to other questions about what the executive branch agencies are up to... how many SWAT teams does the Department of Education need?  Need?  Zero.  Want?  Several, apparently.  One would think the Marshall's Service could provide for that need, without arming a bunch of accountants and lawyers...   

I'm not a conspiracy theorist - but who the hell is watching the watchers?

H/t, Joe in N. Cali, via End The LIe.



Wasn't there something in one of Obama's early speaches about a Brown Shirt Militia to offset the Military?
Is the law being enforced or subverted?
No one knows, Argent, because no one who should be asking is asking.
I seem to remember this Augean stables story...

Well at least you and others like you are asking questions.  Almost in the dark but not quite.

Well, that Ammo is for the entire DHS continuum, which <I>includes the Coast Guard</i>, and the National Law Enforcement Training Center. So that, at least, isn't all that big a deal; Coasties are issued .40 sidearms, I hear, and NLETC goes through a fair amount of bang.

This PDW also has to be .223 and take STANAG magazines, so I think it's really more of a carbine, in normal terms.

And why wouldn't it be? If the Border Patrol gets in trouble with drug gangs, damn right they want effectively an M4 or equivalent. Likewise the Secret Service is part of DHS, and it seems useful for their task as well.

(I read those specs and I think "oh, they want the old DOE-style 9 inch AR platform"; the only thing the M4 fails on that bid is in length.

I suppose competing designs like the Mini-14 and the various FN/HK/etc. would have a shot, too...)
 Are we having another brain storm about buying weapons and sending them south? 

As I noticed that you make a great deal of attention on SWAT Teams, I am reminded of a situation, that happened around Christmas 2006. A young Army Ranger who just got home from Iraq about a week before and he found out he was transferred to a new unit that was about to be deployed to Afghanistan. He had just spent a year in Iraq and was about to be deployed for another year in Afghanistan. He was never told anything until he got home. This was a great deal of information to process and she needed some space. The family claimed that they were afraid he might take his own life, so they called the police and the police brought in the county prosecutor and his SWAT team, including snipers. In their infantile wisdom, they brought in an armored vehicle. The SWAT team claimed that he shot at them  and missed. Therefore, they brought in their snipers to shoot and kill this young Army Ranger. I figure if that Ranger wanted any of that SWAT team dead, they would have been. The irony is this, this whole incident, from beginning to and, lasted 14 hours. The prosecutor and his SWAT team thought that this was going on too long. This event means for each hour, equaled 1 month in Iraq.

Lex wrote about this event in his blog. As you might guess, there was a great deal of anger about this event. But the anger was not being translated into some kind of appropriate action. In the comments, one of the commenters lived in that particular county in the state of Maryland., His name on the screen was “Bad Bob”. I wrote and asked him if he was willing to get involved and he said, “Yes”. I asked him to write a letter and make 3 copies of that same letter. One letter, he would keep on hard copy, paper. The 2nd copy would be sent by “Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested” and the last letter would go by Standard 1st Class Mail. The 2nd 2 letters were both sent to the prosecutor's office. In our terms, we were asking for an “After Action Report”, to be made public on this tragic event. To the best of my knowledge, that report is still on the web and they admitted many errors in judgment. If you want to read about this  there are many ways to find it. You can take Google and search for “James Emmerick Dean”. Thank you, for your patience.
Fishmugger, that was from his speech of 2 July, 2008, given in Ft. Collins Co.  About 17 minutes into it his nibs said: ""We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. as our (military)."  That part was NOT in the offical transcript of his little talk.   When people started wondering just what the heck he meant by that, the punditry fell all over itself talking about community service and the like.  But somehow I fail to see Meals on Wheels, community clean up groups, Habitat for Humanity, etc. being "just as powerful, just as strong" as the military.
So, the ammo and weapons are going to the government.  But with good purpose. 

They will be used to fight the terrorists who realize that the illegal immigrant amnesty program announced yesterday just may be related to Holder's JD attempts to suppress voter ID measures, so that the illegals can vote by the millions for Obama/Biden/Holder (they are inseparable) and negate the will of the legal voters in this country, leading to a lock on political power and the "go" signal for the ultimate suppression of the First and Second Amendments, gun confiscation, outlawing of ammunition, suspension of the Fourth and Sixth Amendments, and a conveniently-passed DAA which allows for the detention of US Citizens without cause. 

So it's a darned good thing that the Department of Education has SWAT teams.  Who else would be able to suppress free expression among America's youth?

"...against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." 
Continue to buy ammunition in military calibers and practice head shots.  12 ga "buck and ball" to the knees is also a useful tactic.

I will not go quietly into that night.
Well theres one positive thing about what DHS has done with this "PDW" purchase plan. Thanks to them they have now reclassified our AR15/M4s as Personal Defense Weapons instead of Assault Rifles. ;)
 And... Jason finds the silver lining!

They are "personal defense weapons" when THEY have them, illegal "assault weapons" when we have them.

Kinda like "justice" for "Holder's people" looking a lot different from "justice" for Whitey.

Go hang out at a polling place dressed like a skinhead and carrying a pipe and see what happens to you.
 ...and URR whizzes in our Wheaties, bringing us back down to earth.

I think Grumpy touched on one of the possibilities.  Fastererer and Furiouserer?