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Wide receiver out, fast and furiously!

About the only reason this administration has for things not going right is "Bush did it!"  Well, it's also starting to be the European's fault, too.  Never, ever, ever is it the guy in the mirror.

Oddly enough, they continue doing a lot of stuff Bush did that Senator and Candidate Obama said were bad, unconstitutional and downright evil (oddly enough, I don't actually mind it when a candidate gets the job, is mugged by reality, and realizes that they were, um, wrong, and goes with it).   But if you're going to take one of your predecessors good ideas and "make it better" then... make it better.

Of course, when you take one of your predecessors good ideas and twist it to a different political purpose, sometimes that can just bite you in the ass.  Ain't that right there, Mr. Holder?

Remember, fellas.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...

wide_receiver.jpgAnd you bubbas have a problem.


Enemies, Domestic?

Vote in November.  Unfortuanately, OUR SIDE only votes once, not early and often as the other side, so make darn sure you get to the polls that one time!
Concur with both Johns (no pun intended).

Classic graphic...short, to the point and damning. This is the kinda thing that will get Independents' attention in a good way for our side.
" Lies, Dang Lies and Statistics" This is not about The Armorer, but about the foolishness of that chart.  Under "Wide Receiver",  "# of Guns Allowed Te Walk Across The Border - 0", "Attempted To Track the Weapons - Yes". My Question, "Why are you tracking nothing?" It appears that "Wide Receiver" is nothing but lies. Since it states 0 weapons were permitted to cross the border, these are specific guns, it is impossible to have a number higher than 0. Don't forget they are tracking 0 guns.

But equally stupid, the Obama position makes about half of the sense, sending 2,000 guns.

Armorer, I can already hear you, "What do you expect from these elitists?" You're right, they are the same. You'll get the same from Romney.
 Grumpy - what the chartmaker meant to impute was that "Wide Receiver" tracked the guns and *intercepted* them before they crossed the border, whereas it appears "Fast and Furious" followed them to the border and watched them disappear... hoping to find them pop up again in Mexican crime traces.

For the purpose of creating a narrative that we bad Americans are supplying the cartels guns.

Which, it turns out, we were.  Via the government of the United States.

On purpose.
 A bnch of the characters in the maladminstration need to serve some rather longish prison sentences. Give them a personal tour of the supermax jail.

Has anyone heard anything from BillT? He's been pretty quiet and hasn't answered the last email I sent him about a week ago.