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We hoist the black flag and bones today...

 Of course, it's a historical flag, from the War of 1812 (though not confirmed it actually got flown in battle).  This week, we're flying flags from the Revolution through War of 1812 out at the Castle.  Seems like an apt time, eh?

Our luna moth (well, offspring of *last years* luna moth, anyway) has arrived.  Apparently, Castle Argghhh! is a dating destination for the luna moth.

And it's been dry.  How can you tell it's really been dry?  When your backyard looks like a map of your septic system...


" The grass is always greener over the septic tank." Or so said that font of wisdom named Erma Bombeck. The Castle has provern her correct.
 Actually, that brown patch at the bottom of the picture is the tank.... the green is over the laterals!
Given that a luna moth looks rather margarita-colored, I cannot *imagine* why they would show up at the Castle ...
 Just checked Leavenworth weather (Weather Channel) and it says you are at 100 degrees feeling like 104. By comparison we're at 93 and feeling like 91. I just had to replace window AC as it kept shooting the breaker. 

Yeah, the tank itself shouldn't have much green around it since you don't want it to leak. I was going along with Erma's joke. KInd of like saying life is a bowl of cherries, but the bowl is full of pits. instead of simply having pits. Wouldn't be much fun without a bit of literary license.
 ..and I was - oh never mind.

Over here on the Commie Coast, we don't have to worry about such a thing.

You see? We've invented this gizmo called lawn sprinklers.
 Erma Bombeck was one of the funnies women ever.
 On the commie coast, you also mug people in different regions of the country for your water so you can have green grass lawns in a desert.  Color me unimpressed.

Here, I let the grass go dormant, and only water when I have to in order to keep the trees alive and keep the foundation firmly supported.

And our water is cheaper than yours, too.  We've got this big river thingy about 10 miles to the east of us.  And our spring water is still flowing, judging from my artesian wet spot where the birds hang out.

Sometimes, letting nature take it's course is a part of... nature.  And cheaper, too.
About that water mugging... umm...nope. Not really.

There are some issues on water usage with the Colorado River but that's it in state to state issues. And, the Colorado only supplies LA and south.

Most of the fighting over water is internal to the state. The scumbags of the San Fransicso, Napa, Sacramento and Stockton area love to play games with the water supply to the rest of the San Joaquin valley.

We do pay a premium for water in the south valley. Pay per gallon with a flow meter. Winter water bill will be 80 bucks or so, summer can rise as high as 300 bucks... that's monthly.

There are many (most of the farmers in the S J valley) who truly believe that the Ca water authority (and just about every ecofreekish gov office, both state and fed) is actually trying to end the practice of farming in Ca.
Sorry, forgot to add...

That heavy summer monthly water bill? That's watering the yard once a week. Old, long established bermuda grass, nearly impossible to kill thankfully. We also have some 20 or so trees on the property. Each of those have to be "deep watered" (sprinkler under them for 12 hours) once a month during the summer due to there being no ground water that roots can reach.