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I had fun driving a tank as a weekend warrior in the TNARNG. That guy has some Brit junk. Personally, I liked the way you drove an M-60. You had a gas pedal, brake pedal, a steering wheel and the tranny selector. None of the two lever stuff.

If the Castle suddenly came into a T-72 or three, I'd go in a heart beat. I might be a mite too tall for a Rooski tank though.
...Was the caption meant to be read in a "THIS! IS! SPARTA!" kinda way?
I can imagine what that kitteh is thinking  I can just about sympathetically feel the tingling of the nerves in his fangs.
 I dunno, Casey, what do you think?  After all, I'm told that the only thing that is important is how the recipient feels about received input.  ;^)


Your feline looks very much like my own, but is he looking in or out?  Probably thinking "I hate big birds!"  PS: Hope you have some hens for the old cock.................Cheers...........R

Is your feline looking out or in ?  Probably thinking " I hate big birds ! "
Look at the ears. The cat is looking in. I had two cats that went after a hawk once. The closer they got the slower they got. Finally turned around and went back into the house. Size does count.
Yep, Ben, it does.  The second-funniest livestock incident I ever saw involved a small, but tough tomcat and a small but tough bantam rooster. The cat had cornered the rooster, but then seemed to realize what he had there.  There was a lot of belligerent predatory noise and posturing by both critters, but they both seemed curiously reluctant to close to contact, possibly conscious of the evenness of the match.