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The Affordable Care Act...

Affordable Care Act - so, it's constitutional. That's what the Supremes were asked.

Doesn't make it good law, or a good approach to the problem.

I have no idea how this affects November...

So, Lefties - is the Court legitimate again? Well, except for it's 2A rulings which clearly are just dictated by the NRA.

I eagerly await the pencil-necked sunken-chested geeks to arrive to escort me to fat-camp, eat broccoli, or be denied health care (but still taxed to provide it to others).


They'll have to pry the corndog from my cold dead fingers...
It would have been nice to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the socialized medicine crowd, but I am *very* pleased the Commerce Clause excuse got stomped on. That badly needed doing, and now there is precedent for more stomping.  I am not a lawyer but I wonder if the "constitutional if a tax" thing isn't a tripwired hand grenade that will in the end bring the whole mess down. Congress pulled a lot of shady tricks to get the Obamacare bill passed, tricks that, as I recall, would be illegal if the mandate were a tax.

So stop lounging around on the railroad tracks, put the hemlock down, and let's get rid of this thing for good.
BCR, teh decision makes utterly no sense. FedGov has no authority to legislate on the matter. Roberts could ahve voted to strike the entire thing down as Kennedy wanted. When you have Kennedy voting to strike and a so called conservative votes to uphold, then SCOTUS has a real problem.

Roberts now goes down in the annals of this country as a shyster and traitor to the constitution. JUst one more scum in a long line of SCOTUS slime that have rendered the court illegitimate.
Nothing good will come from this decision.
I would suggest that the Chief Justice inoculated the ACA with:

I think you could hide behind our credenza, Armorer.  I mean, the guy who writes Dilbert hides dinosaurs behind his.... oh, wait, I'm talking about a dinosaur.  THere's precident though!  It'll WORK.  Promise.  I could even sneak you a Big Mac once in a while, and after a few days, if you rode in the trunk, I could sneak you back home having fooled the Food Intake Polizei(or Food GRU maybe being a better term?). 
I can just imagine the conversation at KZ Moochelle:

Herr Oberst, Camp Commandant:  Was is de problem Feldwebel?

Feldwebel: Zis verdammt Amerikiansihe Red Leg refoozes to essen his Brookli as he has been ordered to do.

Oberst: Zo wat do you wish me to do Feldwebel?

Feldwebel: Zu Befehl, Herr Oberst!!

Oberst: Well den. Are ze electrodes firmly connected to ze nether regions as called for by proper party prozeedure?

Feldwebel: Jawhol, Herr Oberst!

Oberst: Den, was ist de problem? Just toorn up ze juice 3 or four notches und immer schlimmer for zaid Verdammt Red Leg. We must not permit zees guy to zink he ist so tough. If he vishes not to be a good example, den he must der horrible warning. Ve haf vays of makink him eat his grűns.