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Taking the day off from work so that I can work... get ready for next Wednesday, and Celebrate The Second On The Fourth.  Since we're hitting CAT V on the heat index by around 10AM, I'm taking the day off from the cube farm so I can get what should be two day's worth of stuff done outdoors in a safer three.  This year requires more outdoorsy stuff - mostly related to keeping people cool and reducing the fire danger, but some related to targetry, too.  That and the animals need a sharp eye kept on them in this heat regardless of what's going on in addition.

And the nostalgia binge continues... my 1960's fallout shelter impression nears completion. As I mentioned elsewhen, I should actually install this in my sister's basement... which has an actual fallout shelter built into to it according to gov't plans from the 60's.  Heh.  I remember this stuff like it was yesterday, kiddies.


Some friends cleared a CD cache out of Dunbar Cave near Clarksville, TN back in the late 70s. The stuff had been stored there in the late 50s early 60s before the CD types realized that caves "breathe" and make terrible fallout shelters. It was rat food by the time they cleaned it up as someone had been into it after the cave closed as a commercial concern. Roy Acuff used to own the place and they had music and dancing at the cave entrance for years.

Mammoth Cave used to have a very large Cache at the end of Audubon avenue. NPS tried to tell CD it wouldn't work, but it was still there in '72. They finally kicked 'em out after they had CD reps in to feel the strong wind that comes into the cave when the barometric pressure is higher outside than in. The chain link fencing was still there in '86, the last time I went underground for the Cave Research Foundation.
Careful out there in that utrageous heat.  Almost as bad as a cool day in an old Navy fireroom with the 1200 PSI boilers all fired up for full power.

And, be double careful when shooting.  Even bullet splatter may be hot enough from friction to ignite something.  We DON'T want to see photos of The Castle in the paper...

Happy Fourth, regardless of when it is celebrated.  Remember WHY it is celebrated, and in November make sure that they bold measures of July 4, 1776, are not rendered moot by allowing reelection of those who hate this country (and our veterans- Tricare fee increase anyone?).