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 So, Fort Leavenworth is easily the most over-policed 7 square miles in Kansas, and probably is self-funding from speeding tickets on Grant Avenue alone. That said... having been thoroughly conditioned to slow to 20 on Grant when inbound after passing the stoplight at the athletic fields, I always suffer a spike of righteous indignation when someone motors past me at 30... like yesterday afternoon. Only they didn't see what I saw - the unmarked MP car hiding in plain sight in the alley behind the quarters on the north side of the football field.

The MP saw them, though. I admit it. I enjoyed that one. There's probably a special place in hell for me, but what the heck.


I know whereof you speak.  I am right behind on the way to perdition.
With a name like "Grumpy", I was issued my own pack matches and plenty of fuel. They also stated a serious admonition about "their standards and I didn't meet them, go start your own!"