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Pride Goes Before Disaster...

In this *er* Happy Day of Pride, Philosoraptor posits:

H/T: Fallen Sparrow



I admit I had to look "acedia" up and upon learning its meaning, I don't think one could celebrate it.  Though I'm all in on the rest.  Well, with the caveat that "pride" would be in the more traditional sense than the modern.
Sorry, guys. I'm just not up with the bashing on the issue, from the perspective that you're using in bashing it.

What did you expect when the legal basis changed?  Mocking the Powers That Be in the services for doing exactly what they pretty much have to do is counterproductive. That would be distinct from the issues of conscience raised in earlier posts on the topic.

The real utility will be to treat it just like we treat most of the other events... "Yawn."  Precisely because they are so commonplace.  Because there are so many of them.  Because... when to quote Helen and Dashiell Parr...

"Everyone's special, Dash."

"Which is another way of saying no one is."

Let's move on to no one is special.

I hadda look up acedia, too.  And, on this issue... it's lookin' like I'm guilty.
Is Iracundity in the dictionary?
A propensity to being irate?  Why yes, yes it is.
Me three on the looking it up.  BTW, who uses "acedia" for "sloth"?  I was taught the Seven Deadly Sins by the acronym WASPLEG:

Acedia indeed.  psh
You guys know me; I'm all for celebrating acedia.

Jtg, Past Master Morose Slacker.
P.s. I didn't have to look it up, having read about it and recognized it in myself many years ago.  Next to Sloth, it is my besetting sin.
Acedia is not really sloth. They're related, though. Acedia is not bothering to go to prayers; sloth is not bothering to do your chores. Both are about not behaving properly, but then several of the others are that, too.

My objection to "Gay Pride" celebrations is that there are not "Straight Pride" celebrations.  But that's true of most minority celebrations; they party, we get on with life. Maybe I'm missing out on something .....
If philosoraptor's buying I say, 'To McDonald's to celebrate Gluttony!  There's a Big Mac or 5 with my name on it!  Huzzah!'  

If philosoraptor's not buying I'm eating PBJ. 

Who's with me?