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 As aggressive as those muzzle brakes are, wtf did Bubba expect?
And he didn't even say "Hold my beer and watch this!"
Weird. Those folks have had plenty of experience.

Sigh; I just wish Heather were in the video. :)

Can't fix stupid.
I used to shoot on a Small Bore rifle team at Kelly AFB when my father was stationed at Lackland. Our coach also ran the indoor range at Kelly where we shot. He brought out a 1911 one night and the father of my Hi Skool buddy shot it without hearing protection. He learned a very hard lesson that night.

I shot it as well. I had never shot a handgun before that night and also learned, at the age of 15 how to field strip a 1911. I fired the thing more that night than I did in the Navy.
 Stand under the muzzle of a 76mm L23 firing a blank ...

Bridge USS King, located at San Clemente Island (San Diego USN gunnery range) 5" 54 windows open no hearing protection. May be part of why the wife says i'm deaf. I also turn down the volume on the tv after she leaves. Go figure. I'v also made the .45 mistake once.
Joe M, I've watched lots of videos from those folks. They're generally very good with gun safety, which is why I commented "Weird" above.
Just in case someone did not get the message.  A new top of the line hearing aid cost $2500.00.  I have two, and I never fired a 50cal.  P.S. And they usually are NOT covered by insurance!
 In my younger wilder days we shot without earpro.  I am a little deef now, especially in the left ear. 9mm,  .357 mag, .45 ACP and military rifle calibers are plenty enough to quiet the world down a little.  I cannot imagine the damage from a .50 BMG.  Though I am sure my weekends as a makeshift roadie for my little brother's rock band didn't help either.  I am the ear/eye protection nazi these days.  Foam earplugs are stupid cheap and the earmuffs aren't much more.  You can even use them together.
 Haven't been there for a while, but I used to shoot a bit at a range south of San Jose, CA. (Lots of white smoke from my flintlock.) Never, ever wanted to be at or near an active range without hearing protection, I'm delicate that way.

Someone showed up one day with a .50BMG rifle. Sounded (from 15 lanes away) to be loads of fun. Also set off car alarms in the parking lot with each shot. Can only imagine what  Jeff in the video was feeling when he touched it off.