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Oh Happy Day

This Saturday, McGuire AFB popped The Cherry with the blessed union of SGT Umali and Mr.  Behrens. Giving a new meaning to the traditional crossing of sabres.

Full article: HERE



As more of these become common, I anxiously await the exploding of many an admin clerks pointy head.  Imagine the chaos as the old forms for spouse benefits no longer match current needs and how long it will take the bureaucracy to design and produce the myriad of new forms that will be required.

S-1 sections will soon sound like party-poppers going off on New Years eve.

I will also note that at least one Chaplain (*gasp* a FEMALE EVANGELICAL!) seems to have gotten Admiral Mullens message.
Wrong.  Just wrong.
I'm having trouble getting past the female clergy.
I was raised in the Episcopal Church.  I got over that ages ago.
I am almost embarrassed enough to start calling myself Old [redacted] Sarge. Why is it that the Air Force is the first service to come out (pun intended) with these big ghey stories? This and the other male USAF doofus who took his (egads) boyfriend to the US Ambassador to Japan's shindig celebrating this bogus pride cr@p. As often as the USAF likes to re-design the uniform I'm betting the next modification to USAF uniforms will be to have pink Class A's and rainbow camouflage. OMG. I'm about ready to barf in my Kevlar. Am I bitter? Nah, just disgusted.
 I stayed away from those Episcopalians after they went coed on their clergy. They've gone full tilt heretic these days with ghey Bishops as well.

I can understand Joe having trouble with it, him being Orthodox and all. I have trouble with it being a biblicist and stay away from groups that ignore scripture anywayz.

If we could attach a generator to my deceased AF father's corpse, we'd solve the energy crisis in nothing flat. Plenty of green energy. 

JUdgement awaits this country for its increasing depravity.
Let me see if I have this straight?  An Air Force Tech Sgt wants to marry _his_ sweetie, who is also a he?  Am I getting it so far?  And they are going to do this in a Chapel on McGuire AFB.  So far, so good, yes?  Howsomeever, the service was conducted by a _NAVY_ Chaplain, right?  There's gotta be a Latin phrase that covers this, but the only ones I can think of that come close are res ipsa loquitur and maybe, but not likely, post hoc, ergo propter hoc.  They couldn't find a USAF Chaplain to do this?  WTHey?
I believe McQuire AFB/Ft Dix and, by the looks of it, a Navy base got the Joint Base treatment under the latest round of BRAC.
Squid chaplain involved because of the whole joint base (the Lakehurst part of Dix/McGuire/Lakehurst)....

interestingly enough, the all ranks club on the McGuire side of things is named "Chubbies"...   i'm guessing that's where the reception was.
Lamigra (interesting name, by the way)  I would add:

a falsis principiis proficisci


cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.
Sigh....I've been staying out of this whole "Ermegerd; faggits! Der end is Nearz!!!" meme that ya'all have been flinging around for a while now, but I gotta get this out:

"HA HA, you old people is old! Next, you'll want to go back to using Cookes Tactics and stoning Baptists for being heretics, or maybe you'll start new threads complaining about how newfangled aeroplanes will never usurp the might of the Dreadnaught. Go sharpen your pilium, you geezers; the world has past you by and those "values" you've relied upon for so long (themselves nothing more than Papist brainwashing that's less than 1500 years old) is now irrelevant."

Ok; I'm done. Thanks! Go back to making your wives wear head coverings in church, or whatever else makes your "traditional values" all warm N' fuzzy.
You can tell school is out and the children are getting bored.
Flag on the play. 15 yards and loss of down.

That was uncalled for, Orsonroy.  You're normally better than that.  Keep it up and I'll start having to school you on grammar and spelling.

The Rulez are simple. Attack the message, not the messenger.  If all you have to offer is "You're a poopyhead!"... don't play.  You should have continued to stay on the sideline lurking if this was the best you had on offer.

I don't agree with many of my readers on this issue.  But I stay respectful of them.  You please do the same.

What Orsonroy meant to say was: 

The world has past passed you by and those "values" you've relied upon for so long (themselves nothing more than Papist brainwashing that's less than 1500 years old) is are now irrelevant."

Ok;, I'm done. Thanks!

See?  That wasn't hard, and is now Rulez compliant and easier to read.  Still full of unsupported assumptions and argument from authority, but a great improvement, and the added advantage of being grammatically correct.


"Lamigra (interesting name, by the way)"

Thanx.  Comes from where I work...well, did work, until Congress did away with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

I'm still there, only now we are U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Thought so.  A lot of guys I used to work with talked about how to avoid "La migra."  One of my brothers friends, who is a 7th or 8th generation Californio (yeah, his family goes way back in S. Cal) used to try to get stopped at the San Onofre check point on I-5.  Never did work.
If my very rusty memory is functioning, the phrases above translate as:

res ipsa loquitur---------- the thing speaks for itself

post hoc, ergo propter hoc---- after this, therefore because of this

a falsis principiis proficisci--- to set forth from false principles

cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare--- Anyone can err, but only the fool persists in his fault

Ah, the Sisters would be proud of me....

...Sorry, but I gotta ask: wouldn't it be better for the religious "bitter-clingers" (and I mean that in a nice way) to try to meet the same-sex couples at least part-way, instead of allowing the batshit-crazy "ghey rights" radicals to define the conversation?

There has been -for a few decades now- coming a sea change in attitudes towards same-sex orientation in the West. The change has seen a faster pace in some places, and a slower pace elsewhere. Still, the overall vector has been oriented (excuse the pun) towards greater tolerance for open homosexuality. Now. If your position is derived from the Bible, and "it's a SIN," well, there's not much we can talk about. Not to mention that approach has been losing ground for a while now.

If your resistance is based on specifc reasons, I/we would love to hear or read them. But please quit throwing tantrums and casting aspersions, as all that will gain you is an Eyebrow of Total Disdain™ Alas, most folks don't offer specific counter-arguments, aside from "it's evil/nasty/yucky."

This might be a good time to point out that at least some "radical right" folks have ended resistance; Jonah Goldberg said several years ago that conservatives have already lost that fight, so they should concentrate on winnable issues, while the legendary P.J. O'Rourke advocates gay marriage, in the belief that raising families will make gay couples more conservative.

If you're worried about precedents allowing incest, bestiality, or group marriage, then join in a demand for a real marriage amendment: marriage is defined as a union of two human adults of legal age outside the bounds of consanguity.  There. Fixed it for ya. ;)

Nope, Casey, Marriage is a man and a woman joining in a contract to produce offspring and conserve family property for the sake of the offspring. Ideally, that is.