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Makes my funnybone tingle...

 Yanno what's funny about this video?

This picture.


Yeah, I've got a kit with a CDV-700, 717 and 720 along with the dosimeters myself.  A really interesting view of Civil Defense supplies can be seen at
 Civil Defense Museum is who sold me the sani-kit.
 The entire country used to be preppers. Back when the country was actually sane. Or at least sane peoples like us were considered mainstream. Now we're just h8terz.
 Times are a changing and not for the better. Back in the 60's, I was in High School. We had science classes in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare. In fact, you had a component of this class that went through the whole 4 years. I wonder what the "Government types would say, if they saw this?" I believe it would sound something like this, "Local High School Teaching Terrorists".