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This happens because we LET it happen.


 This one got Dusty so riled up he created a whole new category...
There is something terribly wrong with a culture when a person in a position of authority can act so inhumanely. What that TSA agent did was so far beyond the pale that I cannot think of a punishment sufficiently strong enough. Sometimes I just feel like weeping for our country.
I think Dusty should get upset, as should we all.

...One wonders if the real Tea Party will arise from those who have lost patience with the Fatherland Security Administration TSA...

Wow. I clicked on that link and read about four pages of comments. I concur with the sizable plurality of commenters who posted sentiments along the lines of "Knock that smirking bitch down and kick her, though I go to jail for doing so."  I have no problem with socking a woman who is doing that kind of thing; chivalry only applies to ladies, and that critter was obviously no lady.