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Clearly, a I have a brother from another mother in the Canadian forces...


That couldn't have been on his own bayonet, he had to have hit the one on the rifle of the guy behind him while execting that turn.

Still, a good trick.
It looked worse then it was.  They put a bandaide on me and I was up and running in no time.

Heh.  Heh.  HehhhhaaaaHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
He's gonna be embarassed- when he sees the vid- about that girlie squealing and falling down.
On the other hand, he could have a bright future in professional European soccer....
Apparently he slipped on a manhole cover and it was his own bayonet. This is why we make them wear red. Most of these guys are summer students as I recall.

The way he had it arm up while laying on the ground, I first thought that maybe he'd dislocated his elbow with all that wild arm swinging they do when they march.
Monty Python's Black Knight he is not.  LOL