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Hafta love the innertubez... Updated!

 Without it, I wouldn't have read this, about the EPA droning over cowpies, which led to this Tweet:

“You can now marry your same-sex first cousin in New York and get an abortion with taxpayer money, but you can't have a large Pepsi.”

...which led me to this guy's Twitter account...

...who *also* thinks Debbie Schlussel is a wasted sack of protoplasm pulsing with sensitized nerves who is the embodiment of the impetus behind a famous quote from Shakespeare (which is not a threat, but satire, Debbie you lawerly goon).

Heh.  I wonder if she'll notice.  She used to come here to spew at SWWBO quite a bit, years ago, and regularly threatened to sue, until SWWBO made a complaint (with exhibits) to the State Bar Association of MIchigan...  I know nothing came of that in re la Shlussel, but she did go away.  It may be a correlation is causation fallacy... or not.

Update: A little graphical blast from the past...

Ah, La Schlussel.  Still cranky after all these years.


I remember when DS would run around the Internet looking for people pointing out her Photoshopped blog header and then send C&D notices. Good times for real.
I still remember with fondness how Dennis The Peasant mercilessly lampooned Debbuh on his blog a few years back.
I think it's apt that I've been cleaning spam all day out of a post that mentions La Schlussel...
Spam?  Fry it up with some shredded potatoes.  Mmmmm......good stuff.
I agree.  I like Spam.  I also like Marmite and Vegemite.

CLassic from Hawaii:  rice, gravy, fried egg, topped with Spam.   Not quite bacon, but it'll work in a pinch.


 You be surprised how fast a herd of cattle can alter and destroy a stream. They are paticular as well, they will only go so far into the creek. Getting cattle to ford can be a pain as well. Generally a rancher will fence off portions of a stream to protect it and allow the cattle to use the stream where the banks are low and stable. Bison, beavers and goats are very efficent at altering habitats.
Mix vegemite and such into yogurt or sour cream as a dip for veggies or chips. 
 Actually, I wouldn't, Colin.  Having had at one time as many as 8 horses on the property I have some appreciation for that, and the goats have been altering the biome for years now.

"Back to the darknesss!"

Hey!  I don't want her here!!  She'll steal all my cookies and then sue me for discrimination for not having enough for everyone.

and the goats have been altering the biome for years now.

Um, yeah, by taking over your furniture... ;)