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Arisaka Challenge [Updated]

Castle Denizen SKK (aka The Lasagna Detonator)  posted an Arisaka Challenge.  Any takers?


Here's a pic to whet your appetite:


Boq,  ありがとうございます。!
It's an Arisaka!
[titled puppyhead look at Sigi]
I should learn to keep my letters straight, one of these days.
Gack.    [tilted puppyhead look at Sigi]  TILTED.  Dammit.  That dog is no Earl.
I admit I was foncused first time through, Boq.
Ever tilted while you foncused?
The Semi-Sweety owns two pieces; one is the S&W 442 I helped her pick out, the other is an Arisaka her Dad brought back from the Pacific, with Mum stamp on the receiver and "protein stains" on the stock. 
P.s.  The Semi-Sweety's Dad, when asked what he did in the war, always answered "I was a cook." It wasn't until after he died, and the S-S went into his footlocker, that she discovered his Combat Infantryman badge.