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A moment of Gun Geek Zen

 But the burning question is... how to modify the sensor suite for Zombie Defense?

SOUTH CHINA SEA (May 31, 2012) Rounds are fired from the Phalanx close-in weapons system aboard the U.S. 7th Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). The weapons system combines a 20mm Gatling gun with search and tracking radar to provide surface ships with defense against anti-ship missiles. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Fidel C. Hart)


 Simple.  Flip the FLIR switch from 'Warm' to 'Cold, Soulless Ghoul'.
 I think we have some annoying spam here, or maybe a virus planter, in the first comment.
 All better now, JTG.  For the record, JTG was not referring to Tim...
P.s Doesn't bother me. I am rockin' to one of my Sousa CDs. The track I'm on right now is "Bullets and Bayonets." There is a marvelous (and difficult) flute part in the Trio.
P.p.s. This recording has pistol shots at appropriate points in the performance.
P.p.p.s. I am now on the next track, which is "Wisconsin Forward Forever", a beautiful and soulful piece of music.  I keep telling you people, there is a Sousa march for any and every occasion, and every person or thing, and any and every purpose.

The Marines reading this will understand, when I cue up Semper Fidelis, as will Boston Maggie when I cue up The Glory of the Yankee Navy. The Donovan will undoubtedly sing along when I cue up the US Field Artillery March.
I love that 20mm gatling gun!  Talk about a versitle system. Talk about a basic design that just keeps on keeping on. The Army's old Vulcan air defense system would be the best mount for the M-61 against zombies...
Here's some pics of the Vulcan for those who don't remember it:
Damn, Tim beat me to it.
Love ALL gatling guns from the 1st to the 30mm on the Wart Hog.  The 3 barreled version on the Cobras saved my tail more then once.
Every time I read about these things on ships, I can't help but think they don't have but half as many as they'd need if they caught in a bad missile storm. And (I think this happened to the Royal Navy during the Faulkland's War) the software needs a kluge 'cause it gets stuck and can't decide if should use this mount or that mount and winds up not firing.