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VJ Day, 1945

 I would say it's too bad that we've not been able to celebrate the end of a war like this film clip shows people doing so in Honolulu on VJ Day, 1945... But since then, the end of the wars have not been clear victories (and at least one was a clear loss), not even Desert Storm, in the end. Nor have the aims been as black-and-white. Of course, balanced against that is that in order to achieve that sense of clear victory, we had to pound two nations flat in ways we don't do any more, either, which isn't a bad thing, in terms of piling up the bodies and destroying our communal heritages.

But I rather suspect that our "elites" would frown upon us for our boorish, unsophisticated behavior, were we to try this again. Of course, most of our "elites" don't have any skin in the game, either.  They're too evovled for that, even as they maintain a stable of us knuckle-dragging trogs should the need arise for "rough men and women."

Instead, we'd all get tickets for not wearing seatbelts and unsafe operation of motor vehicles.

And unit commanders would have to conduct remedial training classes about not overloading truckis... and Art 15's all 'round!

Thank you, Mr. Sullivan, for preserving and sharing this film.  And thank you, Mr. Sullivan the elder, for shooting it in the first place.


Great video!  Although we live in a different time and a very different culture in so many ways 67 years later, this video looks like it could have been shot yesterday.
 We were a far better country back then, before the loony left became ascendant.
They are gone; we miss them.  But we are lost without them.