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The Whatziss, yadda yadda yadda.

Damn Seza, spoiling my fun.  That's it - no more going easy on you guys.

SMLE wire breaker.

It worked by mounting it on the rifle, pushing the rifle forward so that it caught a wire, and continuing to push it forward with it rotated down, and the internal camming closed the blades of the wire cutter, snapping the wire.


I suppose you had to throw us an easy one after the last one. Still very interesting!
"Easy one," og sezs.

That was easy, was it? It is to laugh! Ha ha ha...
 Easy as pie.  We used them things in the Air Force.  All the time.  Who am I kidding - all I'm good at is tank identification.
I know what you mean, Tim. I used to get these, once in a while, but then actual experts started showing up and raising the ante, so to speak, so the Armorer had to make  them more and more difficult. And cruel.
 I like the louder but simpler version that clipped on to the bayonet and aligned the wire with the barrel allowing you to shoot a bullet through it.  I know this works because I once removed about 8 inches of my friend's back barbed-wire fence with a 308 Win.  (thanks to scope offset).  Though I don't think that my great-great uncle that was caught on the wire at Armentieres during a WW1 trench raid would have appreciated the noise.