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The American Warrior

As the caption that came with the pic says, "I don't care how much of a badass you think you are or what kind of artillery you're carrying, when you see a little cute puppy you squat down and pet it."

'I don't care how much of a badass you think you are or what kind of artillery you're carrying, when you see a little cute puppy you squat down and pet it.'

Damn straight. Puppies are part of our tribe.


From a previous thread:

Officer, I have a license to carry and I have it on me now.
He's already working on recruiting the pup for the K-9 team...
See the thread about boobie traps.

But, yeah.  Gotta pet the puppies and kitties. 

 Yes! Puppiez is people chilluns with fur coats.
And, folks who do not like puppies are NOT civilized!
How did he know the puppy was not tied to a bomb.  since that is what the tribe does and islam knows this.
Kujo (from Afthanistan) was small and blonde once. Now she is in the states, and weighs over 100lbs, and still digs involved  complex fighting positions in the back yard.

And yes, she still stands watch for the family.
 Slightly embarrassing moment... apparently, based on weapon, that's a *Polish* soldier.

 D'we have a pic of Kujo?  Is she close enough to come visit at the Castle...?
USMC with M32 MGL, see nametag center of chest.  M32 with same barrel length:

Devildog petting a dog...

Well, yes, they are obviously part of our tribe; they co-evolved with us. Teh Kittehs came later.
Kujo is in North Carolina on duty while the soldier that brought her home is again in the 'Stan. I will see if I can cook up a photo.
As you recall, Zombie or Z for short was Kujo's mentor. I know I have a photo of them together. Z died at her post. Voodoo was the pup Kujo was mentoring ... unfortunately Voodoo also died. I will get some photos.
Oh, ferocious badass Marines also love Teh Kittehs. Please see:

I hope that link works.  If it doesn't, the pic is of a Sergeant of Marines in the Korean War, feeding milk through an eyedropper to a two-week-old kitten whose Mama was killed by a mortar bombardment. The kitten's name was Miss Hap, as she was "born in the wrong place, at the wrong time."
 Yer right, Gromit.  I managed to embarrass myself twice in the same thread.  Feh.  
 I'm slippin' on keeping up with the newer stuff.  South African design, adopted lots of places, including Poland.


There are those who think that it is the Opposable thumb that gave us tools and therefore the ability to become civilized. But other animals have opposable thumbs, and they didn't come to rule the planet.  It is my opinion that early Man was able to hunt more effectively because he cooperated with Dogs. The dogs speed and senses gave it an edge, and mans tools gave him the ability to take down larger creatures than the dogs would.

I don't think man- as we know him- exists without Dog. I think Dog is a gift given to us by the Creator to pry our lazy asses out of the trees and do something. With a readily available source of protein you could spend a very small portion of your day getting fed, and the rest of the day doing- well, something else.

I pet every dog that will let me. My species owes them a great deal.

Og speaks the truth. 

We are better for our partnership with dogs.  Any value system that doesn't value dogs has no value for me.
Well said, Og.
As I wrote above, it is obvious that we co-evolved with dogs.  As a professing Christian, however, I cannot disagree with Og.