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Serious Gun Pr0n

You're welcome!


What, no bayonet charge at the finale?
Bill, ya complain about the tracers, no bayonet charge, when ya gonna fuss about no bagpipes?  R
Youtube and such have some vids of Marines doing live fire workups. Search "Mojave Viper".

That's at 29 Palms. It's always been a hella good training. Starts with squad live fire move and shoots. Then platoon. Then company with battalion level support is mixed in. Then ends with battalion level move and shoots that usually includes MEU level of mixed support, including armor, artillery and rotary gunships.

A full battalion FPF is a glorious thing to see.
They didn't invite Murrey?

Ah Bill ... the Army did away with bayonets ...... maybe too dangerous .. ask John.
Live fire with BFAs, hmmm?


Rich in KCK
 That is Kiwi land. Why no pipes and drums?

John, ATAC has lost another aircraft and pilot at NAS Point Mugu in a Hawker Hunter. Weather was severe clear. No other news at this point.
Way too many bright yellow blank adaptors in view to be "serious" PrOn.
 Sorry, 25Z - I get excited if there are caps to bust, regardless of the payload.

Did that Sergeant First Class interviewée really say "closing with and finishing the enemy" ??? !!!