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Roller Blading In Helmand Anyone?

Looks like the right thing to do



Where do you find this stuff Boq ....  No wait don't tell me I don't want to know.
Can we just shoot guys like that on sight?  Crude, vulgar, idiotic, disrespectful, etc. ad nauseum.
 If the Talitubbies didn't get him, eventually someone will.

Joe, are you still having to use a Library computer to get online?
No, I'm not, QM.  A friend (yeah, we have a few, astonioshing as that may sound) gave us an HP mini laptop.  The priest has a wifi gizzmo so we can connect by piggybacking on that.  Makes life easier - at the library we had a total of one hour per day online, which meant that we couldn't even devote a lot of time to doing decently detailed job searches, much less anything fun.  Now, if we are up at oh-dark:30 we can check email, Monster, Craigslist, etc, AND get to play too.  

Still no job and living in the Sunday school room, but at least we have clean shelter, access to the privy and the kitchen in the church hall.  The choirmaster has an apartment here on the church grounds, and he has said we can use his shower pretty much at need.   So, as grim as it may sound - jobless, homeless, and not much cash, we are still better off than most people alive today.  Oh, and we have food stamps, just under $400/month, but since we both are pretty darned good cooks, we can eat pretty well on that.
Look up "ugly american" in the dict. and this guys face will be there.
Joe: Special Delivery prayers on their way, to you and your loved ones.  Hang in there buddy.

Jim B: My sources are found in the backwater unpaved roadways of this interwebby highway. ;-)
Thanks, Boq.  It really isn't all that grim.  We are better off than about 75% of the people alive today.  Oh, we miss some of the comforts and such, but we have clean shelter, hot and cold running water, flush toilets, food, a loving church family, and most importantly, each other.  Have lots of job applications out, and have some other things in the process.  The real frustration is waiting for things to perk through the various burro-cracies.