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Now that's some spicy paintball!

 Now here are some people who take their paintball seriously. And about whom HLD is probably scared spitless. Oh, the military could take these folks, their game makes them take stupid risks, but against conventional law enforcement? Nightmare time. And you know there is someone somewhere in the bowels of HLD who is worrying about this... Me, I'm just thinking... since I can't do anything other than defend a static position in my condition... how to I make a paintball mortar and fougasse?  H/t, Kevin.


 JMHO, but having had a 25-year LE career in the trenches (and on the waters), I'm here to tell you that the only thing LE does well is C-cubed-I, and that is due mostly to Motorola, not to any real effort to emulate the military.

It all goes downhill from there, with the mantra of "go home to mama when the shift is over" being pounded into the cops' heads day after day. LEOs are totally adverse to risk-taking, and that is their weak point.

"You can't out-run the Motorola" is still heard, but the sad fact is that LEOs can't defeat an active lone gunman without a massive, multi-agency response. What if there were to be more than one gunman in more than one location?

The vid is wild, but it does offer the idea that mobility should beat a large, multi-agency response, pretty much every time.

Is there a Range Safety Officer running this thing. What happens when one of these charecters loses a handle on the jeep and goes flying out. Or there is so much paint on the windshield you can't see the road and you either run into a ditch killing someone or run someone over. This looks like dangerous fun however maybe not well thought out fun.

Oh, it's full of teh stupid, Joe.  And I don't know how much of it is just hype.

Like I've been saying in the Facebook thread on the subject... I'm to broken and out-of-shape to play like the kidz are - I'm going to build a bunker, stick in some crew-served weapons, cup holders for coffee and meds, figure out a paintball mortar and fougasse, and wait for them to come to me.  They'll get me eventually, but I'll whittle 'em down like japanese infantry in a banzai charge.
"Dang, Now how did *that* ever get in there!" 
I want a paintball version of the Ma Deuce for my position. I just wonder what the chamber pressure would have to be to get the ball to fly 2000 meters. I imagine I'll run into the same materials problem you will for your mortar bombs to have any effective range. On the other hand, the GPS guidance should be reusable for a paintball Mortar Bomb.
Well, there's the laser designator issue, too.
To answer your static defense question, ask Doc Nickel...
For a paintball mortar, we start with spud gun designs. Now, for projectiles, maybe check out Christmas-Tree ornaments.  The hairspray propellant is a kluge, though. I see no way you could get the same charge every time with that.  Now, last time I was in the Home Depot they were selling some nailguns which ran on a cartridge of compressed gas, presumably metered and piezoelectrically ignited. If we could adapt that, we could have our paintball mortars. 

Now, the fougasses would be easy, methinks. Just use some black powder with some thick, soft wadding between it and the paintballs.  Every third  paintball could be filled with gasoline, and the other third with butyl mercaptan.
Whoops! Sorry about the gasoline and black powder!  That's too much like a real one, ain't it?  I do like the butyl mercaptan.  Maybe we could mix it in with the other stuff in every ball.
Back in the 'Nam, for entertainment, we made 'handball mortars' out of four coke cans taped together, three with both ends cut off, the fourth (bottom) with one end off and a nail hole punched in the bottom.  Squirt a shot of lighter fluid down the 'tube', load the handball, shake the thing to vaporize the fluid and light the end hole with a zippo.  Usually we could get about 200 yds - aiming, that was another matter.  Way too much time on our hands!
Me thinks I'd like a paint ball minigun, with or without Loach.
Like you John, us geezers will stand our ground.
Just wish I knew how to craft some effective claymores for warning.
Grumpy C, we did that during finals week at Ga. Tech. We used tennis balls.  I dunno which way the tech transfer went, as we had lots of vets there when I was there in '68-'72.  They completely destroyed the intramural sports, as everybody was afraid to play against a team fielded by the Veterans Club. An awful lot of them were strange Army Aviation people, too.  Good company, but strange. Maybe that's why I got on so well with them.
Too much time, too much money and too much paint. But I sure did like the "bazooka"!!
I have to wonder if any of those goobers firing one-handed even hit anything? I expect paintball guns are lighter than the real thing, but still...

QM's Ma Duce sounds like fun. I wonder if a regulated air compressor could give you a predictable pressure on demand? I know air-brush painters add a regulator to keep a constant pressure going.

Another possibility would be using a compressor to fill a chamber to a certain pressure, then cut off. If the "firing chamber" is empty, it automatically refills to cutoff again. So fill; fire; fill; fire. That might work for the M2 as well if you can get it to cycle properly.

I took a regular old paintball gun, built a larger hopper out of a 2-1/2 gallon gas can, and carried a 5 lb CO2 bottle.  Fashioned a solenoid operated servo to run the trigger from an RC model airplane servo that was serious fast and then strapped the whole thing to my ultralight airplane.  A little practice, a grease pencil gunsight and off I went.  Strafing was fun and I could stay above the range of the ground guys coz gravity works just fine.  I'm betting you could do the same thing to fashion the Ma Duece.......

As for the mortar...  bet you could get some of that plastic media us shotshell reloaders use for buckshot or even tumbling media , to cushion things, a paper coffee cup slit down the sides and cut to fit the tube as a sabot, (think shotshell wad)  and that regulated air chamber setup. 
 If you guys think I'm gonna show this to my kids, you are mistaken.  
But they've probably already seen it.  *sigh*
 Now, see, guys?  P2 shows up with *useful* info!
I wish I still had my copy of "Backyard Ballistics." That was a funful book.  Back when I thought I was going to move into the Semi-Sweety's place, I had plans for coastal artillery against the kids in boats trespassing on her part of the pond. There would have been a water battery of spud guns on Buffington-Crozier mounts, and a couple of spud mortars further back, on the patio. Not legal at all to shoot at people with, but fun to think about.
P2, for a fixed position, I would go with acetylene and a spark plug.You'd need a blow-off valve on the chamber so you could get the same charge every time, and screw the valve shut before you fire.