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Not the Lego® playsets I grew up with, certainly!

Way cooler.  Of course, now some GFW* has their panties in a twist.  H/t, Kevin, again (he has a lot of time to spend watching internet videos - a good life if you can manage it!)

*GFW= Gun-Fearing Wussy


I'm surprised they didn't do an M-4 -- it *looks* like it's made by Lego®.

But I could have fun with any of those at the Berm Gate clearing barrel...


Piffle.  And *you* get paid, or used to anyway, to play computer wargames which sometimes included travel to far and exotic lands.

I think you got the better end of the deal.

Oh, and guns don't kill people, Legos kill people.

Wait for it.
"Legos train our kids to kill people with guns."  That will be the mantra.
The mind is the weapon, that thing in your paw is a tool LEGO toy.
That LE jungle carbine... want
 I just ordered the book for my 12 years old son. He is already making weapons, might as well make ones that shoot.
Poor trigger discipline on the SPAS 12. What are they teaching our children these days?!!