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Memorial Day "Shoot n' Tell" event at the Castle

This past Monday we held the first annual Memorial Day "Shoot n' Tell" of the Leavenworth Militaria Collector's Club at Castle Argghhh!  It went well, and we may do this again on Labor Day and just make them both an "event" that continues as a way for club members (and guests) to get together and show off the stuff we can't really take to our regular meetings, which are in local eateries...

The Auld Soldier's burial flag flew from the truck...

I was supervised by Stewart, the Housegoat of Argghhh!...

The Range Flag flew, indicating the Range was Open.

Roadguards were posted, the targets were set, and the yoots opened the range with some airsoft weapons.  All yoots handling weapons, airsoft or more dangerous ones, were directly supervised by their parents.  All under the watchful eye of the Range Safety Officer, who had sharp words for one yoot who pointed a loaded airsoft pistol at the RSO while the yoot was expostulating to a fellow member of the callow class.

SWWBO and our friend Katherine handled the tasty comestible side of things with their usual grace and aplomb.

Zombie Defense Practice was conducted with a melange of weapons including numerous flavors of Mauser, a Luger, P-38, Walther PP, BM-59, M1A, and, of course, the airsoft guns.  Watch a little vid of the Castle's H&R CMP-sourced M1 Garand barking at the 120m targets - and notice how the guineas and turkey just.don'  NB - there is a naughty word caught on tape... we won't discuss who the potty-mouth was...

Now a second shooter quals as a ZombieDefenseMan. 

And finally, the yoots do a little Zombie Defense Training...  while a parent provides a little war in Iraq TINS in the background.

A good time was had by all - except those invited guests who were no-shows, for whom this post is intended to cause them to sink into a slough of despond...


Or, perhaps, a fit of shame for turning you and SWWBO down.
One of these days, I promise, I'll stop; on the way to KC; or the way home; or as a vacation from the relatives in KC!

When I work (which seems to be less often than not lately) I always hope and pray that I'll be sent somewhere I know people.  I've been as far west as Nevada and New Mexico, down to Texas and Georgia, up to Minnesota and Michigan, and as far east as Maine with more stops in between those places than I can even begin to count. 

I may one day, end up in your neck of the woods.  I should consider myself quite lucky if I do.

Could I have officially unsanctioned "shoot & tell" events at other specificly undesignated locations in honor of our mutually unique heros as well?
Love the blog, wish we could all be our own resident Kings and paupers in our own Castle Argghhh!
 MSG Grumpy, you can do whatever you want...!  You can also just drop in anytime if you're bringing the ammo and targets.