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Let us have a Whatziss!

 It is a tool of the trade...  and from earlier in the previous century.  It does not enlargify, and is a smidge larger than 1:1 (sorry, no cat hairs)

I'm feeling magnanimous - a two-fer clue to start off.  This it is correct in scale and orientation to the bit above.  There.  That's as nice as I can be.

I'm off to do target maintenance and to install the pole for the Range Flag.


 Barbed wire cutter for attachment to a SMLE rifle of the First World War. 
handle of General Pershing's shoehorn.
SMLE wire breaker attachment sounds correct to me.
Obviously it is a tool to apply the icky stinking goo to the DuBange pad, so that you don't have to get any of it on you.
Speaking of bag guns, I just finished reading a good book about the defense of Wake Island. Those Marines gave a good account of themselves with those 5"-51s, my favorite Naval piece. I think there are four of them left, all aboard USS Texas. 3200 ft/sec, baby. A rifleman's piece, it was.
 A follow-on to JNTA:

Tip of a sword sheath.
The 'original' prosthetic jawbone of an ass.