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Interesting missile defense video

 Those missiles sure do get toasted a bit when they slither out of the launchers, don't they?


The slo-mo launch shots are wild. The kill shots even wilder...
I did get to "see" a test shot once, albiet from a distance. We were going from Davis-Monthan to Holloman, crossing White Sands when we came up on stopped traffic on I10. Being in a 10-wheel drive Duece/12, got on the side and kept on trucking. That is until I see a bunch of other military vehciles in a road block. Drve up on them, turns out to be MP, blocking the interstate because of a missle test. Pile out, start BS'n, when the MP radio pipes up, they point to the south, and suddenly a whit contrail connecting to the 100% overcast appears. The MP then points to the north and said wait a minute. Suddenly another contrail connecting to the earth appeared out of the clouds, then eventally a low boom. MP said get moving, and off we go.
I wonder if the still close of the Interstate for test launches.
 Yes, they do, Jerry.  WSMR (White Sands Missile Range) HQ posts the scheduled closings on-line and they get published in the local papers.  Coming in from Las Cruces, you can get stuck for over an hour in the pass if they've closed the road for a shot.
A few years back (I decline to say just how many), if you happened to be up and about just before sunrise, you could see contrails from WSMR all the way from Huachuca. 
I am surprised how much the missiles off the Erie look like V-2s.  
 Looks like the swabbies will have some deck painting to do after the shot!