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 Just, heh.

Meh. Just, meh.  The fact that he still draws a paycheck from the Treasury says something about why the problems don't get better.  Or fixed.  In my world, this guy would be looking for a job.  And it wouldn't be in government.  Ya wanna play that kind of jackwagon crap, don't do it with the taxpayer's dime.  Because it ain't yours, bozo.


I work for GSA out here in the Kansas City area, and let me assure you all that most of us were all for summary executions for all those shitbirds.  Mostly because of their snotty attitudes as much as for their blatant and unconcerned wast of our money.  Same goes for that group that did the follow on Hawaii week to cut a ribbon at some government complex about two weeks later.

I do find it funny as hell that a bunch of congress creatures were grilling them over about a million dollars, when on average, congress wastes that much of our money EVERY DAY, though.  I would have laughed in their faces.

On a related note, old Cleaver is up to his usual dem tricks, pushing for GSA in Kansas City to move from its current building down to the Powerless and Lightless district in downtown KC in 2014.  We were told that no one knew where we would move to, how it would be accomplished, etc.  Only that we were moving at the end of 2014.  And right after the all hands meeting at GSA, Cleaver came out and held a news conference telling everyone how he was going to make GSA generate more income for Kansas City with this move.  That this scumbag is involved tells me all I need to know about the move, namely that it is unnecessary, but more government money will be wasted in keeping a bad idea afloat a while longer, and will cost the average GSA employee a buttload more money just in getting to work and finding parking.  My estimate is that I will be paying over $300.00 more per month just in gas and parking, and will get no offset of any kind for that.  Add to that the fact that we are in the third year of pay freezes, with at least two more to go, and my income will be worth at least 15 percent less than it was in 2008.
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