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Coming soon to the Castle?

 Um, mebbe.


Hmmm - With your politics, I thought that you were the RINO already.
 We have all the exotic animals we need. :) 
SWWBO has spoken.
 Portland's zoo is looking for some local "wide-open space" to host an elephant compound off the premises of the Zoo. Portland has the best breeding program for elephants of any zoo, and the result is that, despite enlarging the elephant biorama several times, it's getting too crowded.

Case in point: Oregon DOT is having the major freeway, US 26, which runs to the West, repaved this summer, but there is one pregger elephant cow, so the part of the freeway which goes past the Zoo will not get done on time.

One plus for the large local elephant population: plenty of "zoo-doo" for sale to use in your "organic" veggie garden.
Remember .... a rino is NOT an old bald fat unicorn.
Well Jim, from what I see out of DC, I'm thinking they are.