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Birthday Wishes & The Spank Wagon

By now, you must have all heard about Brett's evil antics: but have you seen his Rap Sheet in the Free State of Maryland? Below is my contribution to this kerffule:

If you wanna know his sorrid histoire with the Maryland Legal System, go HERE and plug-in his name as instructed.

And who would have thunk-it? He's a Demoncrat By-George!

If you wish to sent him a pretty Birthday Card, there is still time, for this 5-Foot 6-Inch 200 Pound Middle Aged Mamma's Boy will surely appreciate it.  Happy Birthday Spanky! May I call you Spanky? Yeah for that's what you deserve for being a Baaaa-ad Boy.



Our legal system can be abused and turned into a weapon against innocent and honorable people.

All that is required for evil to triumph s for good people to do nothing.  Or, to submit to tort terrorism.
That was a pisser. Really, I followed the link and before reading all of it I had to take a pee break. I hope this guy (Kimberlin) gets all that's coming to him, that should be several more years in prison. What a complete waste of protoplasm.
He gets to put all of that as "Race", and I just want to put "Damn Yankee!" like Mom says I should.
htom, that's "DamnYankee." ;)

I've been reading about this scumbag for a while, and I'm fairly certain the folks who contribute to his "non-profit" orgs don't really know they're helping a certifiable scumbag.

Boq, I wouldn't flog the fact that he's a Democrat too hard; a lot of blue-collar Dems voted for Reagan. There are also otherwise decent proggies out there (yeah, hard to believe, but I got aquainted with these folks before BDS started stinking things up). Not to mention there are a$$holes everywhere, including that white-supremacist/OWS dirtball who was part of the local Republican machinery for a while down there before he pulled his murder/suicide.

The critical point here -as John NTA pointed out- is that it is very possible to abuse Hell out of our justice system. At least some of this is due to (frankly) stupid judges who don't understand things like Google Alerts, but even with that I still can't believe at least one jurisdiction hasn't either prosecuted or shut down this vermin. He's a walking encyclopedia of frivolous lawsuits, and a damned liar to boot.

For me the crowning act was SWATing Patterico. Don't always agree with the guy, but that's way past low; he could have been killed on his own front porch. I'd discuss what I'd like to see happen to the guy, but it's evil & illegal. -/

Yeah, Casey, me too. I didn't think I'd ever feel any sympathy for Patterico, but do now, a little bit. That was a neat nasty trick, calling Pat on his cell phone so he'd have something in his hand when he answered the door.
I clicked on the link to Aaron's place. Wow! I couldn't read the whole thing, as eyeball glaze developed about 1/3 of the way down. From what I did read, it seems obvious that our boy Brett is working for Basement Cat.