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Another last flight for Hubert...

Though in this case it's pushing the definition.  In related-but-not-really-related Hubert news, the AF decided to keep the 40 year old Huberts they use as ICBM-checkers for the remaining missile wings and extend their service life another 30 years...   Oh, wait, a day after that article was posted,  and apparently someone pulled the AF aside and said, "Nice little AF you have here, shame if anything happened to it."

Marines with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367 conduct a final day of flying in the continental United States at Camp Pendleton, Calif., May 22. Two UH-1Y Venoms and two AH-1W Super Cobras formed up for the unit's final flight in the continental United States before they move to Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii this year. "The maneuver is centered around timing and execution," said Sgt. Michael Eklund, a crew chief with HMLA-367. "The goal is to create equal spacing between aircraft coming in for landing." Photo by Lance Cpl. Joshua Young


Sad commentary on the Zoomies. The UH-60 is a bit much as a replacement. I wonder about the range of anything else that would be suitable. ANyone have any idea what the range of the UH-72 and UH-1Y are? I have a feeling that almost any reasonable replacement would require refueling for the mission.
QM, was looking at Wiki just now. Oddly enough the Blackhawk and the Venom share similar statistics.

for Blackhawk / Venom:
length: 64' 10" / 58' 4"
height: 16' 10" / 14' 7"
empty weight: 10,624 lbs / 11,840 lbs
max takeoff weight: 23,500 lbs / 18,500 lbs
never exceed speed: 193 kts / 198 kts
cruise speed: 150 kts / 158 kts
combat radius: 320 nmi / 130 nmi

If I read the articles correctly, both craft use the same engine, the GE T700.

That last looks like a big difference, but the Venom entry specifies "with 2,182 lb, 990 kg payload." The Blackhawk entry includes no such spec. Don't know if that's no-load range or what.

Interesting thing: according to Wiki, unit cost is $21.3 million Blackhawk vs. $21.6 million Venom. From the sources (general budget statistics) it's hard to tell if those are actual costs, or estimates from expenditures. I would have expected a Blackhawk to cost more.

Oh, yeah; first flight: Blackhawk 1974, Venom 2008. :)

The Venom seems to stack up quite nicely against the Blackhawk. I wonder how accurate the specs are (especially range), given that some aircraft entries specify "combat" or "loaded" weight, while others don't. Looks like the only stand-outs are combat range & payload capacity.

 As I recall the Air Farce was going to buy UH-60s from the Army, rather than buy from industry. That was probably the primary reason the buy got trashed. 

The situation reminds me of what LeMay discovered when he wanted to build housing for the troops at Omaha. He wanted to build the housing, then take the BAQ to pay for it. The Comptroller said no since the troops wouldn't get BAQ if they lived in base housing. But, if he had a contractor build the housing, then the troops would lease the housing from the contractor, they could do that. LeMay was pretty bitter about it and made a rather scathing statement in his autobiography on the issue.
 Q!M - ironically, that is exactly what they do now on Fort Leavenworth.  A contractor built new housing, and the Fort forks over the BAQ (because they're renting the housing.  LeMay was ahead of the curve.
Gonna be a while before there's a last "last flight" for the Huey, I think.  ATEC, (the Aviation Test and Evaluation Center, that moved here to Redstone from Rucler last year,) has one or two very-well-maintained H models which they fly around doing various things with.  I expect they'll still be flying them years from now, 'cos Redstone keeps stuff around for years after the rest of the Army's done with it.  We got a fenced yard near my building with a couple of M551 Sheridans in it, and a mile or so from my office there's an M60A2 and a Chapparal fire unit.  And I've seen an old Roland around here somewhere, too; the French version on the AMX-30 chassis.  Not to mention the AH-47...