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All That For A Flag?

Yes Michelle - Go tell your husband and that Arsehat of a SECNAV of his, that this is how real Americans remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us and its broad stripes.

(Please forgive the jumpy cinematography - As it was shot yesterday by the 12-year old grandson of a good friend of mine).



 She was probably never invited to contemplate the words "...and to the Republic for which it stands,"

I am certain that this woman has no clue at all about our military traditions, in part because she has been fed lies all her life. She does see past at least some of Jeremiah Wright's lies.

Michelle Obama made lots of speeches about how she had discovered that the barriers of institutional racism, which was a huge topic for her pastor, Jeremiah Wright, do not exist.  For this, she got called "bitter Michelle" by Michelle Malkin, but I actually clicked on the speeches and listened.

The racism she has identified in her own life has come from the people closest to her, and from those patronizing people who ostentatiously called themselves "Liberals" when she was in college.  Those "Liberals" she met are the ones who, like Jeremiah Wright, somehow failed to notice that we passed the Civil Rights Act nearly 4 decades ago.

If ever the Navy names a ship after old Ray, it will be called the USS Clueless.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Panderer.


I'd bet even money that his military aide (a Marine) is on blood pressure meds.