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Ah for the days when Hollywood was on board...


The whole PVT Snafu series can be seen on YouTube.

Every Private Snafu produced by Leon Schlesinger at Warner Brothers for Frank Capra and the US Armed Forces. Directed by Frank Tashlin, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett,with the help of Theodore Geisel(Dr.Seuss) and Ray Harryhausen, during World War II on the Army-Navy Screen Magazine.  Mel Blanc would appear to be most of the voicing.  

Heh.  They were the heroes of my Saturday morning, too!

H/t, Kevin.


Walt Disney was Capra's first choice, but Warner Brothers was the low bidder. The clincher was that Disney wanted Snafu's copyright *and* the rights to all merchandising.

Just think -- we may have ducked having World War II sandwiched between Fantasyland and Adventureland...
I'm not sure Blanc would have worked with Disney. But, I like WB's animation style quite a bit too. Mel Blanc was also enough of a cut up that he made things like this go down well.

When I was a kid, if they had put WW2 between those things, most of my childhood buddies and I would have spent the entire trip there instead of the in the girlie parts.
That Camel and Ol' Bess must have been doing some udder talk between them.
Heh heh heh. He said "booby" traps.