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A mystery solved...


 That's fake. If those boots had been real and used, the cat would have died soon after getting the strap out of the boot. The owner would then have been up on cruelty to poor aminals charges.

They were called blousing "rubbers" in my day. Please don't tell me when or why they became "straps".
Doesn't surprise me it was the cat. We have three young cats and any time we're missing something that in any way resembles a piece of string, the first place to look is under the referigerator, with under the couch being a close second. Almost always find what we're looking for. We love 'em anyway.
Makes me miss my kitty 'Shoes', who loved to chew on shoelaces, and would drag loose ones all over the house. He looked a lot like that tuxedo kitty in his youth.
 Aghhhh! There's two of them!