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A moment of Political Zen

 Click this link to "Glen Woodfin Cafe, Ron Paul Supporter Outwits Obama."  Trust me.  You will be happy you did.  

Well, you will unless you're one of the few Obama supporters who hang out here.  And even then, you'll giggle despite yourself, because none of you are high school civics teachers who tell students they'll go to jail for disrespectin' Da Wun!

The Washington Post brings up the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre, an event where a Mormon militia slaughtered a wagon train of Arkansans, and wonders how all that might possibly swirl around Mitt Romney and his faith (turns out, not as much as I think they hoped).  

As well to write about the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya, and tie that to Mr. Obama.  The links seem about as direct.


As well to write about the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya, and tie that to Mr. Obama. The links seem about as direct.

But more current...

Mo' better fun would be a story on how Mr. Obama's ancestors in what became Kenya were taking/trading slaves in the late 19th century.
"Outwitted", eh? 

Things you should know
1.  That's a Photoshop
2.  The guy you kindly linked to is a professional Search Engine Optimiser: someone who persuades gullible website owners that he can manipulate the Google rankings.
3.  He probably sent this picture to you and lots of other Right Wing sites in order to get a higher Page Ranking for HIS blog (so he can sell links)

In other words... You've been played.   hope you'll charge him for the service you've provided?
If that's a photoshop then it's a very good photoshop, much better than Obastard's birth certificate.
But, wait!  I thought the Mau-Mau were mostly Kikuyu, and the Won is a half-Luo?

Speaking of half-Luos, I was proposing Cap'n Lex and Baldilocks for President and Vice-President, back in '08.

Coulda been a winning ticket, if the electorate had any sense.  Just think: We had an incompetent old Naval Aviator running against an incompetent half-Luo.

Had we followed my plan, we would have had a competent old Naval Aviator running alongside a competent half-Luo, both of whom took the Oath seriously.

Owhell, of the two of them, at least Sergeant Juliette Ochieng, USAF(Ret.) is still alive.
John? YOU run a "Right Wing" blog?

I'm shocked, shocked to learn of it!

P.S. Obama eats dog.

Matt - okay, I've been played.  Won't be the first time, won't be the last.  I don't do this for a living and frankly ain't going to take the time to check the provenance and bona-fides of each and everything that catches my eye.

And I didn't catch his attention, I caught it from Facebook.

I linked it because it was funny.

It's still funny.

And I got as much use out of it as he did, so, I'll call that a wash.
 There are somethings that are just too good to check. That pic is one of them.