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A Kansas Wedding

What wedding in Kansas wouldn't be complete with the tail of a swirling whirlwind?

Pretty wedding pictures: HERE

It may be an omen, but me thinks that their marriage will be a tad stormy.



It's just a dust devil.  And it's moving on a parallel.  What's the big deal?
Might could be a good omen - the storm passed them by. 

But, DAMMIT!  Take off your hat during the ceremony!!!!!!!
 It was no dust devil-it was an EF3 twister that tore up the homesteads of relatives of my classmates in Harper County, KS.  And also "de-bladed" several giant wind turbines.
I have lived in Kansas for 24 years and have never seen a tornado in this state.  The two that I have witnessed were in Nashville, TN (downtown) and Stafford Co, VA.  One did touch down about a mile and half away but over the brow of the hill and therefore out of sight.  That one took off part of the roof of my insurance company;s headquarters. (File under "Life is just a box of chocolates")
I managed to spend almost ten years at both ends of Kansas and managed to catch one twister from the ground (Manhattan 2008) and one from the air (the system that got Hoisington). Tis quite something to see a tornado from inside the storm (it was still in the horizontal vortex stage) and I'm just as happy not seeing it again, thank you. And yes, the person I was with flew weather mod for a decade, so he knew where on the storm was safe.
I lived in Omaha for 9 years and never saw a twister.  Hardly any hail, either.  The worst hail I've ever experienced was golf ball sized.  In Saudi Arabia, no less.
I knew when I put that in that someone would know someone who got hit by it.

Nonetheless, at the time it was by the wedding, it wasn't all that scary.

The only tornados I witnessed were at Fort Riley, when my MET section used to fly tornado prediction meteorology balloons for the NWS, and while I was running away from the Andover tornado near Wichita, I never actually saw it to understand it as such.  It was so wide that in my rear view mirror it looked like a wall cloud.
Well, when I married my first wife, it was with a Cat 2 hurricane about to come onshore, and the Bishop performing the ceremony had to be supported upright because he had the flu.  It was definately a harbinger of things to come!
 Way back in the late 70's, there was one night where there were 14 tornadoes sighted in the Kansas City area.  I saw one, then ran for cover in the cooler of the convenience store I was managing.  Had about 12 people squeezed in there.  Fortunately, the tornado did not hit us, it touched down a couple of blocks away, hit some roofs and then skittered back up into the sky. thinks that their marriage will be a tad stormy.

What makes you think that? It dissipated right *after* they said "We do"...
Tim, I also managed to catch the Tornado of '75 that cut the swath through Omaha. It took off 2/3 of the apartment complex where my family lived. I seem to have a gift for finding severe weather (blizzards; the winter of '77-78 in Nebraska; 2007 ice storm in Manhattan, KS; missed the southeastern spring blizzard of 1995 by four hours; a couple of hurricanes in Houston.)