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Salutin' Tootin' (A Caption Contest)



Oh, the things we must do to be a prop for a photo-op.
"How come Airborne dude gets to wear his beret, and we have to wear our ACU caps?"
How nice!  Most of them are using all their fingers, not just one!

{Which is surprising, since they took an oath to obey his orders but not necessarily to respect the man who is destroying our country, or his horrid wife.)
 In answer to MAJ Mike... "Because it serves to highlight the fact that Airborne Dude has bad salute form..."
Airborne Dude has spent time recently with the Brits. I don't know what the others' excuse is. Doesn't the Army teach Hand Salute? Or is this a form of artful disrespect?
The Airborne dude is saluting wrong even for a Brit. Brits salute with the palm out.
You're right, Marvin, my bad. Maybe:

Airborne Dude tries Facepalm Salute, misses.
 Brit sailors salute palm in, to hide the diry hands (pitch tar from the ropes) from the oh-so-fragile officer's eyes.  Brit soldiers salute palm out, so that no one mistakes them for sailors.
All this for people who dis the flag?
 All this for the Commander in Chief, regardless of how empty you might feel the suit to be.
1.  Sailors salute "palm down", parallel to the deck, wrist bent.

2. "Don't make eye contact; then they'll go away sooner."

Sailors salute, wrist bent!  Is that bent backwords, as in "hi sailor"!!!!!
Ummm... can we say Photoshop?  All the troops are in sharp focus.  The two CIVILIANS are way out of focus.  *I* think it's a doctored photo and The Two aren't actually there with the ones that count.
 Nah, not Photoshop, just a slow lens setting -- Teh Won and First Nutritionist were moving *fast*, probably due to nervousness at being in front of a crowd that thinks they're lightwalkers rather than waterwalkers...
I bet they saluted the President when it was Bush rather than the Office of the President as it is now.
We salute the office, not the man!
Wonder what they thought as he lectured them about how America is only great because of....wait for service:
" Each of us is only here because somebody looked out for us. Not just our parents, but our neighbors and our communities and our houses of worship and our VFW halls. (Applause.) Each of us is here because we had a country that was willing to invest in things like community colleges and universities, and scientific research and medicine, and caring for our veterans. Each of us is only here because somebody, somewhere, had our backs.
This country exists because generations of Americans worked together and looked out for one other. Out of many, we are one. Those are the values we’ve got to return to. If we do, there’s nothing this country cannot achieve. There’s no challenge that's too great for us. There’s no destiny beyond our reach. As long as we’re joined in common purpose and common resolve, better days will always lie ahead, and we will remind everybody why the United States of America is the greatest country on Earth."
[emphasis mine]

 J.M., US Sailors salute just like the Army and Marines, with a straight wrist. Can't speak for the Royal Navy.
Personally, I try not to nitpick people who not only jump out of perfectly good airplanes, but wear a sock on their head to advertise the fact (as my old platoon sergeant used to say). 
Oh, I believe in respecting the office of POTUS, no matter who's in office.  And I prefer civilian control of the military.

But by the same token, when can a nation legitimately recognize that a genuine "domestic enemy" occupies the office?
fdcol63 - More to the point: the oath says to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic and bear true faith and alegience to the same and obey the orders of the President... What are we supposed to do when those two clauses are in conflict?  Not saying they are... yet.
Oldloadr, in that case, I think we must look to the placement of the clauses and the priorities they assume by virtue of the order in which they are placed.  The Constitution comes FIRST, as it is the base upon which everything else is premised.
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night...